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The School of Education is a foundation school of Murdoch University, which has proud traditions of engagement with schools and service to the teaching profession. Our principal purpose is to provide high quality courses in pre-service teacher education at secondary, primary and early childhood levels.

For graduates with a non-education background, our 1 year Graduate Diploma of Secondary Education (to be replaced by a 2 years Masters in 2019) and our 1.5 year Master of Teaching (Primary) offer pathways to become an accredited teacher.

For a BACHELOR OF EDUCATION, choose from a range of specialty areas:

  • Secondary Education + Bachelor of Science  - combine a Bachelor of Education with a Bachelor of Science in Maths / Chemistry / Marine Science / Sport & Health Science /  Biomedical Science / Environmental Science / Mineral Science / Biological Sciences / Molecular Biology.

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Graduate Diplomas

Masters and Doctorate

The School of Education also offers its Masters of Education (coursework) at Murdoch University's International Study Centre in Dubai.

Internships & Professional Experience

Murdoch, in collaboration with its ‘Partnership Schools’, offers a wide range of nationally recognised internship programs that provide for a full year immersion experience in the school, both within its Bachelor of Education and Graduate Diploma program.

Interns are actively sought out and successful in obtaining employment, as schools have recognised and valued the preparedness of Pre-service Teachers (PSTs) who do these programs. Fourth term PSTs also have the option to work with a Limited Authority to Teach.

Murdoch is aware that not all PSTs are in a position to commit a whole school year to an internship, which is why we provide a range of other Professional Experience options for our students.