Scotch College Middle School: Teacher Assistant Positions x 2 (upper primary)

Bachelor of Education (Primary) students - final year

Successful applicants are employed for 20 hours per week across Monday to Friday during term, from the commencement to the conclusion of the academic year.

The position is for one academic year only subject to satisfactory commitment and performance of duties on a term by term basis.

Participation in Co- Curricula Sport beyond these hours is optional, paid extra and is encouraged.

Teacher Assistants report to the Head of Academic Support and are deployed according to student need on a term by term basis.

Middle School will host your PIP and PI teaching practicuum.

Applicants will be shortlisted by Murdoch University before being interviewed by the Head of Middle School at Scotch College in December.

NOTE: Students are not given time off to attend university lectures, it is anticipated that the successful applicant completes their studies in an external mode.

How to Apply 

Eligible students will be notified of Internship application dates via SONIA announcements.

NOTE – You can still apply for Internships if you are planning to enrol in the Grad. Dip, but have not yet been formally accepted.
Email for more information.