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Metabolomics Australia

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Metabolomics Australia is the leading, national provider for metabolite analysis and identification. A federally-funded initiative, Metabolomics Australia was founded in 2007 to focus on key areas of technology for small molecule analysis with the aim of providing access to world leading advances and technology for academic and private industry. Based on a hub-and-spokes organizational model, Metabolomics Australia has nodes in Western Australia, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland. The Murdoch University Separation Science and Metabolomics Laboratory is one of two Western Australian nodes that has been established under the leadership of Associate Professor Robert Trengove.

Omics Australasia

OmicsOmics Australasia is a brand of the Separation Science and Metabolomics Laboratory involved in the advancement of knowledge in "Omics" research and technologies. Through the Omics Australasia Symposium, the network brings the international community of Omics researcher together to discuss research advances, innovations and challenges with a focus on emerging opportunities and technological development. Please visit for more information on upcoming symposiums and events.