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The Separation Science and Metabolomics Laboratory has a strong global reputation in research, development and commercialisation. We routinely engage with industry to form partnerships that allow organisations to add value to their research, business and strategic objectives. Our scholars are front-runners and uses the latest technologies and best-practise methodologies to enhance your research and deliver tangible outcomes.

What we do

We are experts in mass spectrometry, an analytical technique that allows us to identify the types as well as amounts of constituents in a sample of interest. Depending on the nature of the samples (eg. tissue, blood, soil, food etc), we use a range of instruments that are capable of separating complex mixtures and identifying the components that make up these mixtures. Mass spectrometry is a truly enabling technique that underpins many fundamental fields of research and real world applications including drug discovery, environmental and food quality testing, geology, clinical testing, genomics, proteomics and metabolomics.

How it works

Mass spectrometry is the science of measuring atoms and molecules to determine their molecular weight. The technique works by ionizing chemical compounds to generate charged molecules or fragments. Once charged, the ionized particles are electrostatically directed into a mass analyzer where they are separated according to their mass-to-charge ratio. All mass spectrometers have an ion scource, a mass analyzer and an ion detector. To enable identification, computers with specialized software analyzes the ion detector data and compare the ions against databases to determine the identity of the molecule according to its mass-to-charge ratio.

How we can help

Partnerships and collaborations allow your organisation to access our our team of multi-disciplined of researchers. We have considerable experience in the development of new testing and analytical methods that comply with international standards (eg. ISO/IEC 17025). Our facilities are commissioned to a high operational standard and we routinely work with developers and instrument manufacturers to beta-test software and hardware. We can provide you with a cost-effective, project-based service from method development, validation to transfer of IP, customized analyte detection, improvement of your existing in-house testing program and many more. Here are some ways we can help your organisation:

  • Food and agricultural industry: Pesticide, toxin and other contaminant testing, varietal identification, disease identification, crop metabolomics, wine testing  etc
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Raw materials analysis, impurity profiling, bioprospecting, drug hypersensitivity, biomarker discovery, etc
  • Biomedical and Biotechnology Industry: Biomarker discovery, metabolomics, bioinformatics, etc
  • Pathology Services Industry: Novel analytical tests, biomarker discovery, metabolic phenotyping, forensic services, etc
  • Environmental Industry: Contaminant testing, pollution monitoring, etc
  • Specialized Instrument Manufacturers: Hardware and software alpha and beta-testing and development, trouble-shooting, customized training courses.

If your organisation requires testing solutions for quality and compliance purposes, or the development of novel tools and methods using our high-performance instrumentation, feel free to contact us to learn more about our capabilities and facilities. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you to develop fit-for-purpose solutions in the most timely and effective way.


Assoc Prof Robert Trengove

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