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Welcome to the Separation Science and Metabolomics Laboratory at Murdoch University, Perth.

The Murdoch University Separation Science and Metabolomics Laboratory (SSML) is a unique national resource for small molecule research. The Centre forms a key Western Australian Node of Metabolomics Australia, a federal initiative that supports life science research through infrastructure investments in platform technologies.

As a Core Facility, the SSML empowers researchers through access to mass spectrometry instruments and expertise. We have developed a comprehensive suite of in-house methodologies that support and enhance biomedical and clinical research, plant and agriculture sciences, food safety, environmental science and many more.

Pesticide Residue Testing

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Our in-house pesticide residue testing methodologies have been thoroughly validated for the detection of residues in grain, food, plant material and biofluids including blood, urine and breast milk.


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The laboratory was accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities for ISO/IEC 17025 Chemical Testing in 2012. We are now working towards accreditation for Metabolomics.


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The SSML has two separate facilities on campus for conducting research, development and training. Contact us for a tour of the flagship Advanced Mass Spectrometry Facility which showcase some of WA’s most sophisticated infrastructure and research inititatives.

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