SABC Structure and Staff Profiles

The SABC Structure

Day-to-day operations of the SABC are managed by the Director and core staff. To assist the core staff and ensure that facilities are used efficiently, researchers in the SABC provide input and advice into its running via the SABC Users' Committee. The overall direction and policy of the SABC is the responsibility of the Director, core staff and the SABC Users Committee. The Director is responsible for the overall running of the Centre.

Contacts at the SABC

The following people form the core staff at the SABC, and are dedicated to ensuring the smooth day-to-day operation of the centre and its facilities. Please feel free to contact any of the staff members below:

Director, Professor Mike Jones

Mike JonesMike is responsible for overall direction, policy making, promotion, marketing and raising funds for major equipment in the SABC. Mike is available to answer questions about the Centre and its operation; including incubation of companies and contract R&D.

Tel: (+61 8) 9360 2424

SABC Manager, Dr Dave Berryman

Dave BerrymanDave advises, assists and trains researchers using the Centre, and is also responsible for the day to day operation of the SABC laboratories, space management and bioinformatics support. Working with the Professional Officer Dave ensures that major equipment and computers are operational and that safety procedures are followed.

Tel: (+61 8) 9360 6119

Professional Officer, Ms Frances Brigg

Frances BriggFrances coordinates safety and lab maintenance issues with the SABC Manager. She also undertakes a major service role by running the DNA sequencing and fragment analysis and associated services and provides advice on all aspects of Sanger and Next Generation nucleic acid sequencing.

Tel: (+61 8) 9360 6431