Research at the SABC

The focus of researchers in the SABC is on molecular activities that involve or promote primary production of commercial livestock, crop plants or microbes, or their subsequent processing for added value. The SABC also supports some research in biomedical sciences and environmental biotechnology.

Research Areas

Research undertaken at the SABC focuses on areas such as sustainable food production and biosecurity for crops livestock and fisheries.

Research areas include: wheat and barley breeding, grain quality, potato production and supply, molecular plant pathology, transgenic plants, gene discovery and functional genomics, health and production of livestock, parasitology and fisheries research.

Murdoch University is the only university in Australia with an ‘Excellence in Research Australia 2012’ rating of 5 (World Leading) in Agricultural Biotechnology.

Research Leaders with groups in the SABC

  • Professor Mike Jones
  • Professor Cheng Dao Li (Murdoch/DPIRD/WBGA)
  • Professor Wujun Ma
  • Dr Steve Milroy
  • Professor Una Ryan
  • Dr Steve Wylie
  • Professor Andrew Thompson
  • Dr James Speers
  • Adjunct Professor Mike Francki (DPIRD)

Major Research Groups/Centres in the SABC

  • DPIRD Biotechnology Research Group (wheat and barley)
  • Forensic Research Group
  • Western Barley Genetic Alliance (WBGA)
  • Plant Biotechnology Research Group
  • Potato Research WA
  • Veterinary Parasitology
  • Wheat Biotechnology Research Group
  • many researchers such as Veterinary Virology and AntiMicrobial Resistance (AMR) groups have external access to the SABC to utilise specific instruments or facilities

Commercial Companies

  • Orthocell
  • Edstar Genetics
  • Animetics
  • ProteoWA
  • Florides Technologies