Bookings for SABC Equipment and Facilities

Booking calendars for complete instrument systems and rooms.

Login to SABC Booking System

The SABC is a multi-user facility and the instruments and facilities can be booked by registered internal and external users. To make a booking click on the login below and type in your username and password. These will only be allocated to registered SABC groups and/or individuals. A selection of calendars applicable to your login permissions will open. Click on the item you wish to book and a calendar of existing bookings for that particular item will be displayed. Normally the dates will be underlined. If the dates are not underlined or "clickable" then you do not have permission to make bookings for that instrument (eg: you have not been suitably trained). In this event contact Dr Dave Berryman (D. If you have the appropriate access then click on the date to open an entry dialog box.

To make a booking

  1. Select the appropriate date and times for your booking (you cannot book more than 21 days in advance in some cases) and enter your NAME in the "Enter text for a new event" dialog box. Be careful here as once the booking is entered you may not be able to edit or delete it.
  2. Once you are satisfied click the "create event" button at the lower left of the screen. Where appropriate repeat bookings and email notification to colleagues can also be performed. You can then check your booking has been accepted by clicking on the "view calendar" selection at the top left of the screen. If all has gone well your booking should be displayed.
  3. You can then logout (bottom right) and continue browsing.

For users wishing to book the SABC Seminar/Meeting Rooms and data projector/laptop computer it is not necessary to have an individual login. To make a booking follow the above instructions and login as "anonymous" with no password. You will then be able to make bookings.

NOTE: The SABC data projector/laptop computer is to be used only within the SABC except by previous arrangement with Dave Berryman.