Research Focus

The focus of researchers in the SABC is on molecular activities that involve or promote primary production of commercial livestock, crop plants or microbes, or their subsequent processing for added value. The SABC also supports research in biosecurity, biomedical sciences and environmental biotechnology.

Deliverables and Outcomes

Researchers using SABC facilities have an outstanding track record of outputs and outcomes. The facilities include the provision of co-located, state-of-the art, well run platform technologies for all WA researchers plant breeding support leading to improved crop varieties (molecular markers such as including yield, resistance to diseases and pests, better quality transgenic plants, variety ID, diagnostics), improved productivity and health of livestock, and biomedical diagnostics.

Facilities and platform technologies

The SABC provides the most comprehensive set of equipment and facilities for biotechnology R&D in WA, with full facilities for cell and molecular biology, robotics, high throughput agricultural genetic analyses and diagnostics, structural, comparative and functional genomics, proteomics and mass spectroscopy, and a full suite of bioinformatics hardware and software.

Training and Mentoring

The SABC plays a major role in advanced training in molecular biology and agricultural biotechnology.  It supports the research of many Honours and PhD students, and provides researchers with a broad research experience.

Competitive Advantages


  • combines crop, veterinary and biomedical research in biotechnology in one centre
  • is multidisciplinary and inclusive
  • provides enabling facilities, platform technologies and common laboratories
  • is highly cost effective

Researcher Groups Using the SABC

Researchers using SABC facilities come from a wide range of organisations including:

  • School of Veterinary and Life Sciences (Murdoch University) 
  • Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (co-location of biotechnology services)
  • Curtin University
  • University of Western Australia
  • Edstar Genetics Pty Ltd
  • Potato Research WA 
  • Fiona Stanley Hospital
  • Animetics Pty Ltd
  • Orthocell Pty Ltd
  • ProteoWA Pty Ltd
  • Florides technologies Pty Ltd

Partnering Opportunities

The SABC can provide full facilities for contract R&D, start up companies or co-location of existing companies in agricultural, veterinary and biomedical sciences via its incubation program. Contact the Director for further information.