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Centre Member (?)
A Murdoch University staff member who aligns their research and/or teaching to the scholarly focus of ‘responsible citizenship’ and/or ‘sustainability’.

Early Career Scholar (?)
Early career scholars at Murdoch University who align their research, teaching or thesis topic with CRCS (and in the case of HDR members are supervised by a CRCS member). Additionally, RAs who are involved in projects administered by the Centre and who wish to be associated with CRCS will be recognised as an Early Career Scholar member.

Affiliate (?)
Murdoch University staff and postgraduate students whose primary affiliations are to another research institute but who are interested in the aims and objectives of the CRCS and wish to be kept abreast of its work in the scholarship of research, learning and teaching and/or professional activities but are unlikely to be using CRCS as their primary academic address and their results would not be mapped to CRCS by the Research Office. Non Murdoch University staff involved in CRCS projects with Centre members and wish to be involved in CRCS activities and updated about Centre news.

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Note: CRCS reserves the right to refuse admission to Centre membership. Applicants will be informed
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