Murdoch Commission

Murdoch Commissions

The First Murdoch Commission

The First Murdoch Commission was established as an independent international inquiry on the growing economic interdependency of Western Australia, Australia and the Asian region. The inquiry was charged with investigating how this interdependency could be pursued to enhance mutual benefit and long-term resilience for the Region overall, and WA in particular, over the coming years. This task included highlighting some of the most relevant issues and challenges that are likely to emerge in Asia over the next decade or so.

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The Second Murdoch Commission

The Second Murdoch Commission (SMC) will examine Western Australia’s role in the regional food system, as both an agricultural exporter and as a leader in the research and development of agricultural science. A key remit of the Commission will be to investigate how WA can employ and develop its strengths in agriculture to address the emerging challenges of food security in the Asian region.

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