You have work and life experience

If you didn't finish high school or haven't completed any tertiary education, there are still a range of admission pathway options to study at Murdoch.

If you completed high school more than two years ago

Even if you finished Year 12 a while ago, your exam results are still valid. If you finished in 1992 or after, you can visit the TISC website to convert your results to an ATAR score using the TISC ATAR calculator.

If you graduated high school prior to 1992, you can contact TISC directly to request an ATAR conversion based on historical results.

To apply for admission into most of our undergraduate courses, you will need a Selection Rank of 70 or higher (depending on your chosen course) and you will need to meet our English Language Competency (ELC) requirements.

Selection Rank pathway

With the exception of Nursing and Veterinary Science, undergraduate courses at Murdoch have an admission pathway based on a minimum Selection Rank required for consideration.

Your Selection Rank includes your ATAR plus any eligible Selection Rank adjustments. You’ll find the minimum Selection Rank for the courses you’re interested in on our course finder or on the TISC website.

Selection Rank adjustment

Murdoch RISE is a selection rank adjustment aimed at supporting access to university for students from regional, low socio-economic, or Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander backgrounds.

It can help you get into your preferred course by increasing your Murdoch Selection Rank by 10 points, up to a maximum of 90.

To be eligible for consideration, you must have completed secondary education in Western Australia with an ATAR between 60.00 and 89.95 inclusive.

You must also satisfy one of the following conditions:

  • Achieved your ATAR at a school in the RISE Schools list
  • Have a permanent home address when completing Year 12 at a postcode in the RISE Postcodes list
  • Have indicated Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island descent by declaring status through your TISC application or on the Indigenous indicator when applying directly.

There’s no need to register for RISE. If you are eligible, the adjustment factor is automatically added to your raw ATAR score when you apply.

If you’re unsure whether you have an ATAR, whether you are eligible for Murdoch RISE, or you just want to have a chat about your situation before you apply, you can ask us a question.

Special Tertiary Admissions Test

If you're at least 20 years old by the first of March in year you wish to commence your studies, you can apply for entry to Murdoch by sitting the Special  Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT). 

The STAT is a nationally recognised test which assesses your abilities for learning at university. In Western Australia you can sit the STAT by booking through the Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (TISC).

If you are not 20 years old by this time you can contact Murdoch Admissions who will help you get permission to sit the test.

To apply for admission into most of our undergraduate courses, you'll need a STAT score of at least 140 in the written English section and 135 in the multiple choice section. To apply apply for Engineering you will need a STAT score of at least 140 in the written English section and 155 in the Multiple Choice section.

Please note that admission into Nursing may require an additional English Language Competency (ELC) requirements. You can check the ELC requirements for Nursing by visiting the course on our course finder.

You cannot use the STAT to apply for entry to Law or Veterinary Science. Check the available admission pathway entry requirements for the course you are interested in on our course finder.

Mature Age Pathway

If you don't meet the academic entry requirements to be admitted to a course but have relevant work and life experience for your chosen field of study, then the Murdoch's Mature Age Pathway (MAP) is for you.

This involves an interview and a portfolio submission (a recent CV and 500 word personal statement) to be assessed by the Academic Chair of the course. Your portfolio will need to include a recent resume which demonstrates 3-5 years of professional experience (paid or voluntary) in an area directly related to your chosen course, a 500-word personal statement and a minimum of two references related to this experience.

You will need to apply for the Mature Age Pathway at least 2 weeks prior to the start of semester. This pathway is not available for direct entry to Chiropractic Science, Veterinary Science, Nursing, Engineering and Law courses.

For more information about mature age entry, email our Domestic Admissions team.

Portfolio Entry Pathway

If you’re ready to pursue your university goals but don’t currently meet our standard admission requirements, our portfolio entry pathway could be the ideal option for you.

Eligibility can be evidenced by relevant life experience, employment, any formal qualifications or awards, and supporting professional references, directly related to your desired course. All portfolio applicants need to demonstrate English Language Competency (ELC).

Find out more about our portfolio entry pathway

You can also gain entry into a range of majors within our Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Communications or Bachelor of Creative Media courses using a media portfolio application. Majors that accept a media portfolio entry application are English and Creative Writing, Games Art and Design, Graphic Design, Journalism, Photography, Screen Production, Sound, and Strategic Communication.

Find out more about media portfolio entry.