Our pathway with SM TAFE

Kickstart your business or finance journey at South Metropolitan (SM) TAFE and continue your education here at Murdoch. You'll graduate with a certificate and a Bachelor degree, making you a key contender for any career.

Completing a diploma or advanced diploma in Business or Finance at SM TAFE gives you credit towards units in a  Bachelor of Business at Murdoch, meaning you could reduce the length of your degree by up to one year. This makes kicking off your journey at SM TAFE a smart choice in beginning your business career.

Not only will you graduate both courses with work-ready skills, but your study at SM TAFE and Murdoch opens a world of opportunity for a wider range of careers in entrepreneurship and innovationmanagementmarketing or  finance. We also offer a range of flexible study options including part-time, allowing you to work in the industry while you study.

Support while you study

If you didn’t pursue an ATAR pathway or are not academically ready to jump straight into university study, a TAFE introduction to higher study is the route for you. This pathway will see you in the supportive environment of a technical college before taking on more intense or independent study at Murdoch.

SM TAFE lecturers work with students with a range of academic skills and learning support needs. They connect literacy and numeracy support in the classroom, and their team at Student Support can also help with temporary or permanent disability and a wide range of physical, intellectual, sensory and learning disabilities, and medical conditions.

Support continues at Murdoch

When you continue your study at Murdoch, you will have access to our wide range of support networks including academic and study skills, careers and employability and  accessibility support. We have also built our Business degrees with you in mind, so you’ll have the structure, support and flexibility to study a degree that fits your lifestyle, and career goals.

We understand that education can be expensive, especially if you’re unable to work during your studies. SM TAFE and Murdoch courses are commonwealth supported, meaning eligible students can apply for a student loan to help with education costs. You will only begin to pay the loan back when you reach an income threshold, making study affordable until you’re making use of your skills in your new career.

TAFE WA Scholarship

If you're looking for extra support during your transition to Murdoch, you can apply for our TAFE WA Scholarship. As long as you've completed your diploma, advanced diploma or associate degree in the same area of study as your intended undergraduate degree, we encourage you to apply. 

Your pathway to Murdoch

If a business degree is your dream, see how our partnership with SM TAFE can help you get there. For more information about business or finance diplomas at SM TAFE contact their team on 1800 001 001.

For more information about Murdoch and the courses on offer, contact our Future Students Team on 1300 687 3624 or browse our range of business courses.

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