You have previous higher education study

If you’ve studied at university or an enabling course, you may be able to apply to Murdoch.

Depending on your previous study, you may be eligible for Advanced Standing, which gives you credit towards your new degree.

You’ve studied a bridging or enabling course

If you’ve successfully completed one of our enabling courses, you can apply for a number of courses at Murdoch.

You can apply direct to Murdoch for admission into any course with a minimum Selection Rank of 70.

You’ll find the minimum Selection Rank for the courses you’re interested in on our course finder or on the TISC website.

See our enabling courses

You’ve studied at university

For most of our undergraduate courses, if you have successfully completed at least two units at an Australian university or through Open Universities Australia, you'll meet the entry requirements to apply for admission to courses requiring a Selection Rank of 70. 

Some of our courses have specific entry requirements for applicants with higher education. You can check the available admission pathway entry requirements for the course you are interested in our course finder.