The Arthur McComb PhD Field Work Grant

Arthur McComb was Professor of Environmental Science at Murdoch University from 1989 – 1996. He was passionate in wanting to improve the state of environmental management, based on rational, logical and well-founded biological principles.

This award has been established by his family to commemorate his desire to continually improve our knowledge of the Western Australian biota and its management.

Funding bodyThe Arthur McComb PhD Field Work Grant
Study levelPhD
Value (including stipends, expenses and top-ups)Up to $3000 pa for up to 3 years if field work is required in each year of the PhD
To help meet the costs of field work required for a project on an aspect of conservation and management of the Western Australian biota
Duration and start dateUp to 3 years over the period of the PhD Research
Application criteria
  • Must be a current Murdoch student
  • have had Confirmation of Candidature (CoC) approved
  • maintain continuous full-time enrolment
  • be within the allowed enrolment period for the Degree
  • have submitted a satisfactory Annual Progress Report for the previous year
  • successful applicant will be decided on the basis of relevance and importance of the project for conservation and the funds available and referee support
  • not have submitted your thesis for examination
Apply by31st March 2019 (Awarded in April 2019)
To apply

To apply, students must submit:

  1. A separate sheet containing name, contact details and nationality.
  2. A one to two page CV including details of undergraduate studies, employment, extracurricular interests, and a statement outlining your goals and aspirations
  3. Up to one page description of your project, including a justification and approximate costing of the field work, and a statement of the funds available and how the grant funds will be used
  4. A brief reference from your supervisor

Please submit all your application documents to Graduate Research Office

ContactPlease email Dr Jane Chambers or call him on 9360 2739 for more information.