Develop your skills as a creative image creator with this course, which blends theoretical and practical photography and digital imaging skills.

Our Photography course blends theoretical and practical skills in photography and digital imaging, so you learn to create powerful and effective images for a range of audiences and genres.

In this course, you’ll learn from industry professionals, developing a thorough understanding of critical photographic design and theory and the changing nature of the creative industries.

You will develop your practical photography skills with hands-on experience working on a wide range of photographic graphic design projects, and build the contemporary network and marketing skills necessary to succeed as a creative producer.

When you graduate, you’ll be well suited to careers in a range of industries and fields such as fashion, publications, advertising, professional photographic agencies, corporations, art, journalism, government and more.

Upon entering the industry you can apply to join various industry associations such as Australian Accredited Professional Photographers (AAPP), CAMS Photographer Accreditation Program or the Australian Photographers Association (APA).

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