Credits and exemptions

If you have previous study or professional experience relating to your field of study, you may be eligible to receive a credit or exemption for certain units in your course.

Getting credit or an exemption for your previous study or industry experience is known as advanced standing. If you’re eligible for advanced standing for certain units in your course, this could reduce your overall study load and the amount of time you need to study before you can graduate.

Previous study or experience counts

When you apply to study at Murdoch, please provide any relevant information about previous study or work experience which could make you eligible for advanced standing. Your eligibility for advanced standing will be assessed automatically, and you'll be notified of the outcome after you receive an offer to study.

You can check what credits or exemptions from previous studies you may be eligible for using our Advanced Standing calculator.

Murdoch University has agreements for advanced standing with a variety of institutions within Australia and across the world. Download the PDFs below for more information.

How to apply for advanced standing

If you have not automatically received advanced standing and believe you may be eligible for it, you can apply directly to Murdoch for recognition of previous study or recognition of professional experience.

Please send your completed form with any required documentation to the Accreditation and Advanced Standing Team.

Documents you may need

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