Media portfolio pathway

Our media portfolio pathway is for creative students aiming to enrol in an Arts course based on your motivation and potential for creative aptitude.

You will be assessed by the Academic Chair for your desired course, based on your creative portfolio. Your ATAR results will not be used to determine your formal admission to Murdoch.

Application criteria

To be eligible for our media portfolio pathway, you need to meet our application criteria:

  • Completion of the WA Certificate of Education (WACE) or its equivalent.
  • You will need to demonstrate English language competency by completing two years of VET or two years of Australian Senior School study (or a combination of both) as meeting English competency for all courses with minimum English requirements.
  • Demonstration of aptitude and ability via a body of work relevant to the course being applied for.

When to apply

If you’re a school leaver, you can apply direct to Murdoch mid-year during Year 12 all the way up to the week before university starts in February.

You will find out soon after your application if you have been provisionally accepted into the course, taking some of the pressure off the final exam process. This provisional acceptance is then subject to the successful completion of the further application criteria below, before a formal offer is made. 

If you’re a non-school leaver, you can apply direct to Murdoch anytime throughout the year. If you’re eligible, you will be made a full course offer.

How to apply

For school leavers only:

For both school leavers and non-school leavers:

  • Download and complete the portfolio application form
  • Write the personal statement outlined in the application form. It needs to be a maximum of 500 words outlining your commitment to the study area you have chosen.
  • Collect any other supporting documentation. To enhance your chance of success, you may wish to include academic and / or professional references (perhaps from a school teacher, or employer) or other certificates of achievement.
  • Check the application requirements for specific courses below and put together your best work.
  • Apply online direct to Murdoch with your chosen course as your preference. You will submit your portfolio of work for assessment as per instructions on the application form and upload the application form and supporting documents at step 9 of the online application process.

Application requirements for specific courses

Creative portfolios need to be provided to Murdoch digitally via a link and hosted on a website we can access (as outlined on the application form).

Please provide all other supporting documentation as identified on the portfolio application form and submit it with your online MyAdmission application.

  • English and Creative Writing (Bachelor of Arts)
    • Two pieces of creative work up to 2000 words in total (for example, a short story, creative non-fiction piece, poem(s).
    • Critical analysis of a novel, poem or play of your choice (800 words).

    To discuss further, please contact the Academic Chair for English and Creative Writing:

    Name:Anne Surma
    Call:(08) 9360 2151

  • Games Art and Design (Bachelor of Creative Arts)
    • Five digital media works showing fine art skills (this can include scans of traditional drawings and paintings, or 3D models, digital paintings, animations or game mods).
    • A 100-word synopsis of each piece submitted that describes what the piece is trying to communication.

    To discuss further, please contact the Academic Chair for Games Art and Design:

    Name:Brad Power
    Call:(08) 9360 2327

  • Graphic Design (Bachelor of Creative Media)
    • Five digital media works that demonstrate your creative and artistic ability (this can include 2D animation, 3D animation, motion graphics, web site designs, photography, 3D modelling, illustrations or graphic design compositions).
    • A 100-word synopsis of each piece submitted that describes what the piece is trying to communicate.

    To discuss further, please contact the Academic Chair for Graphic Design:

    Name:Mark Cypher
    Call:(08) 9360 2240

  • Journalism (Bachelor of Communications)
    • Five pieces of non-fiction writing showing the scope of your writing talent (this can include essays, stories for a school magazine or website, blogs, film or music reviews etc).


    • Five pieces of photographic, video or audio work of a documentary nature
    • A 400-word explanation of the work submitted.

    To discuss further, please contact the Academic Chair for Journalism:

    Name:Narelle Hopkin
    Call:(08) 9360 7529

  • Photography (Bachelor of Creative Media)
    • 10 to 20 jpeg files of your work – black and white or colour, edited or unedited.
    • A 500-word synopsis of your photographic work that describes what you are trying to communication with your images, your photographic influences and the direction you aim to pursue with your photography.

    To discuss further, please contact the Academic Chair for Photography:

    Name: Talhy Stotzer
    Call: (08) 9360 2185

  • Screen Production (Bachelor of Creative Media)
    • One or more video productions, of any style or genre, at a maximum length of 15 minutes. The video can be a collaboration with other students as long as you were a major creative force (eg: director, producer, writer).


    • Up to 20 creative and artistic photographs on any subject in black and white or colour, taken by yourself.

    It must also contain one of the following:

    • A script you have written for a short dramatic or documentary production.
    • A two page film analysis of a feature film you have watched. The analysis can be of any type. For example: formal, narrative, genre, symbolic, iconic, historical, psychoanalytic, etc.

    To discuss further, please contact the Academic Chair for Screen Production:

    Name:Glen Stasiuk
    Call:(08) 9360 6468

  • Sound (Bachelor of Creative Media)
    • Two to four productions that illustrate your ability in area of sound production, such as music recording and production, editing, mixing, sound for film and television or sound for games.
    • A 400-word explanation of the work submitted including credits which indicate which parts of the work are your own individual work. For example, if a music file is provided, a band may have played the music but the student recorded and mixed all the tracks.

    To discuss further, please contact the Academic Chair for Sound:

    Name:Simon Order
    Call:(08) 9360 7838

  • Strategic Communication (Bachelor of Communication)

    The scenario you will produce content for:

    Your school canteen has just been awarded five stars in the Star Canteen Accreditation Program run by WA School Canteens. (More information on the Star Canteen Accreditation Program award is available here). Your school has asked you to help communicate this good news by writing the following content:

    • A story for the school website (200 words maximum).
    • A social media post for your school’s Facebook page with text and an image (100 words maximum).
    • A speech for your school principal to deliver at school assembly (300 words maximum).
    • A letter to a local newspaper (please name) inviting them to send a journalist to your school to interview the principle about the award.

    Important to note:

    • This is a hypothetical exercise and key facts may be invented.
    • This material should not be posted to any social media or public forum.

    To discuss further, please contact the Academic Chair for Strategic Communication:

    Name:Catherine Archer
    Call:(08) 9360 2188

Next steps

Following the assessment process, you will receive a formal offer of a place at Murdoch if you meet all eligibility requirements.

If you don’t qualify for the media portfolio pathway, we will contact you to discuss the other pathways that could be available to you.

If you need further information about applying to Murdoch, please contact our Domestic Admissions team on 9360 7458 or email us.

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