Institutes & Centres

Murdoch focuses on the big issues facing the world today. Tackling complex global challenges such as food security and environmental sustainability in the context of increasing human endeavour is a multidisciplinary effort. To achieve this goal, Murdoch has clustered its research into multi-disciplinary Institutes and Centres.

Harry Butler Institute

We only have one world; we need to protect it. The Harry Butler Institute integrates the needs of community, business and the environment, supporting the co-existence of human endeavour and biodiversity.

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Health Futures Institute

Health needs are as varied as people are. The Health Futures Institute spans research from the genome to the mind and from the population to precision medicine tailored to the individual.

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Food Futures Institute

Feeding the world is the challenge of our generation. The Food Futures Institute consolidates research to sustainably improve food production as our land and water resources come under increasing pressure.

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Asia Research Centre

Understanding the political, social, historical and cultural factors shaping our region is critical to successfully promote change. The Asia Research Centre is a focus for politics, governance and social change research in the contemporary Indo-Pacific region.

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