Murdoch Virtual Centre for Simulation

Murdoch University is a leader and early adopter of virtual reality and simulation technology both in the classroom and as the classroom. This spans a range of disciplines including nursing, engineering, IT, gaming, education, business and forensics.

The Murdoch Virtual Centre for Simulation, coordinated by Dr Susan Ledger, helps to link our innovative and creative colleagues together to leverage opportunities for greater research and development as well as enhanced teaching and learning experiences within the higher education space.


Meet our innovators

Brad Power

Academic Chair of Games Art and Design

Brad Power is a lecturer within Murdoch’s Creative Media, Arts and Design discipline and Academic Chair of Games Art and Design. He specialises in game design techniques and theory, as well as 2D and 3D games art. Brad is the Lead Designer at the Perth studio of AAA developer Interzone Games. He is also a member of a local independent games development company RocketHands.

Kevin Wong

Associate Professor with the Discipline of Information Technology, Mathematics and Statistics

Kevin Wong is an Associate Professor with the Discipline of Information Technology, Mathematics and Statistics within Murdoch. One of Kevin‘s research projects includes utilising electroencephalogram (EEG) to identify dyslexia in children before symptoms appear. His research into simulation and VR also includes intelligent data mining, machine learning and the use of artificial intelligence with e-learning.

Antonia Girardi

Head of Discipline for Business

Antonia Girardi is the Head of Discipline for Business at Murdoch and a past recipient of the Murdoch University Vice Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Learning and Teaching in human resources management. She uses VR and simulation, such as SimLab, in many teaching facets including to prepare students for their employment journey, such as job interviews and video interviewing, as well as onboarding.


Our collaborations

The Murdoch Virtual Centre for Simulation helps to develop and promote the University’s expertise in virtual reality and simulation in Higher Education as well as drive collaborations with external partners within Australia and internationally. Some of our collaborations include:

The Intelligent Virtual Environment and Simulation (IVES) Research Group

IVES have completed a range of research projects including computer-based rehabilitation systems for stroke survivors, a radiology assistance training simulator and emotional recognition using electroencephalography.

The Singapore Centre for Research in Innovation, Productivity and Technology (SCRIPT)

SCRIPT focuses on helping industry and government increase productivity through technological advances. Learn more about SCRIPT.

The Center for Research in Education Simulation Technology (CREST) at the University of Central Florida

CREST completes research and development on various forms of simulation in the field of education.

The University of Turin (Italy) and the Arma dei Carabinieri (Military Police of Italy)

Developing research and innovative learning experiences for emerging practitioners within forensic sciences.