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About the Campus Directory

Staff wishing to update their personal details in the Campus Directory should use the Campus Directory Update - Editor [ restricted ] .

In addition to the Campus Directory, the following may be used to identify people at Murdoch:

  1. Contacts by Organisation Area
  2. Contacts by Position Title
  3. Contacts by Role

1. Contacts by Organisation Area

Browse listings that use data extracted dynamically from the Campus Directory:

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2. Contacts by Position Title

The following listing includes selected positions that staff at Murdoch occupy.

3. Contacts by Role

The following listing includes a number of roles that staff at Murdoch have been assigned to, appointed to, or, in some cases, elected to. A listing of staff in a particular role may not display their position titles. There are some staff who occupy a position that has the same title as a role (eg. Associate Dean Research), whilst other staff in that same role, do not.

Roles Within Schools

A number of roles are School related. Some may be required (eg. Associate Dean Learning and Teaching; Research Integrity Advisor), whilst others are not. One role that is not found in all Schools is Head of Discipline. For the School of Arts, to identify a staff member with a similar role to that of Head of Discipline, refer to the Academic Contacts Index.

Role Qualifiers

A role title may or may not be qualified. If it is qualified, this is usually done using the name, or part of the name of a Murdoch Organisational Unit (MOU). For example: Director (Legal Services); Associate Dean Research (Education); Head of Discipline (Chiropractic). A role will usually be associated with a MOU, eg. University Secretary's Office; School of Education; Chiropractic. Exceptions include the Academic Contact roles that are associated with Courses and other roles associated with campus locations, eg. First Aid Attendants.

Role Titles

A role title may be similar to a position title. For example, the role title of School Dean is qualified by part of the name of a MOU, eg. School Dean (Psychology and Exercise Science). The role is listed as associated with the MOU, School of Psychology and Exercise Science. The position title of the staff member with that role is similar, eg. School Dean Psychology and Exercise Science. However, for other Schools, the position title may have a different format, eg. Dean School of Law; Dean of Engineering and Information Technology.

Any queries related to entries in the contact listings included above should be referred to De Stanton (Application Support, Business Application Services).

Academic Contacts

This Index includes the following roles: Academic Advisor, Academic Chair, Academic Coordinator, Course Contact and Honours Contact.

Academic Contacts (Schools)


Academic Contacts (Academic Organisational Units)

To identify staff who can edit entries in the Academic Contacts Index, refer to Academic Contacts Index Editors.

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