Smoke-free campuses

To ensure a healthy environment for everyone at Murdoch, we ask that you to avoid smoking on campus altogether.

Our Perth and Rockingham campuses have designated fresh air zones, which keep large areas smoke free. Our Mandurah campus is completely smoke free.

Need help to quit smoking?

Breaking the habit is challenging, but possible. Support and resources are available for staff and students of Murdoch University, as well as the wider community.

On campus

  • Students can visit the Murdoch Health Medical Centre to make an appointment with a health professional, or to pick up a free QUIT pack.
  • Students can also access the Murdoch Health Counselling Service for up to 6 free sessions to help quit smoking.
  • Keep an eye on staff and student announcements for information about seminars, courses and programs offered on campus.
  • Staff are also eligible for free counselling through Murdoch University’s Employee Assistance Program. Call People Sense on 1300 887 724 or visit the People Sense website.

Off campus

  • Visit your General Practitioner
  • Call the Quitline on 13 78 48 or visit the Quit Now website.
  • Download the free My QuitBuddy app from Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store.
  • Try the free online Quitcoach service.
  • If you have private health cover you may be eligible to receive a benefits package to help you quit smoking.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why isn't the whole campus smoke-free?

    The Fresh Air Zones at our Perth and Rockingham campuses encompass the vast majority of university buildings and the areas between them. Notable exceptions include the Student Village. These zones operate in addition to Western Australian laws which prohibit smoking in enclosed areas.

    The policy will be regularly reviewed to take into account the best interests of the University community.

  • What other areas are smoke-free?

    A number of areas adjacent to the Fresh Air Zones do not permit smoking. At our Perth campus, these include Kennedy Baptist College and the Rise building. The neighbouring Wesfarmers site, on Campus Drive, promotes a smoke-free environment, as does the Fiona Stanley Hospital.

  • What should I do if I see someone smoking?

    As a student or staff member, there may come a time when you need to remind someone about Murdoch’s smoke-free environment policy. Enforcement is everyone’s responsibility.

    Smoking is an addiction. Those who smoke feel compelled to do so, physically and mentally. Sometimes, smoking is associated with feelings of stress, sadness or shame and it’s important to consider this when explaining the policy.

    Here are some tips:

    1. Make sure you understand the University’s smoke-free environment policy.
    2. Assume the person smoking is unaware of the policy. Your approach should be helpful and informative, not negative, pushy or aggressive.
    3. Smile, introduce yourself, and identify that you are a student or staff member of Murdoch University. Politely tell the person that they are smoking in a Fresh Air Zone, and gently inform them of the policy.
    4. If the person tells you they are not aware of the policy, explain to them that you understand, and direct them to the website.
    5. If you feel comfortable doing so, encourage the person to seek support to quit smoking. Direct them to the resources listed on this page.
    6. Tell them politely to either put out the cigarette safely, or move outside of the Fresh Air Zone if they wish to continue smoking. At the Mandurah campus, those wishing to smoke should to be encouraged to move off campus completely.
    7. If the person complies, remember to thank them. If the person becomes angry or confrontational, excuse yourself and report the incident to your School Manager (for students) or direct supervisor (for staff). Managers and supervisors should report the incident to security.

    People who refuse to move, along with those who breach the policy numerous times, will be reported to management. Disciplinary action can be taken.

  • Who can I contact for more information?
    If you have a question, feedback or want to order resources, email our Fresh Air team.