Support for teaching staff

The Library offers specialised support services and resources for your teaching activities, including how to build and digitise your unit reading lists.



Create or amend a reading list

Assistance with creating or amending a My Unit Readings list.

Create or amend a reading list


Help students develop their Library skills

View embeddable videos, quizzes and support resources designed to help students understand and use Library resources. These can be delivered via your LMS pages.

Library support materials for students


Access copyright friendly teaching materials

Access online resources that are free to copy and use for teaching purposes.

Copyright Friendly Resources


Understand copyright

Seek advice on the delivery of unit readings along with general copyright advice.

Copyright and Teaching at Murdoch


Request a purchase

Forward a suggestion for a book or item you'd like to see added to the Library collection.

Request a purchase


Ask our Librarians

Our Librarians are skilled information professionals who can provide support and advice for teaching staff.

Ask our Librarians

Our librarians are skilled information professionals who can assist with your study or research.

Renew items you have on loan and keep track of what you have borrowed using My Library.

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