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Murdoch Indexes

The Murdoch Indexes provide several ways to browse and search for the University's information resources. Select an index from the menu on the left, or from entries listed on this page.

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The A to Z Index provides a comprehensive index of Murdoch information resources.

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The Administration Index is an alphabetical index of administrative information relevant to staff and students. The Index has subsets for Employment at Murdoch, Information Technology and Timetables & Dates. Also available is the University Policies Index, a quick find listing for policies and guidelines, and the Student Forms index with entries sorted into categories such as Appeals, Facilities, Fees and Safety.

Administrative Offices

The Administrative Offices Index includes organisation units and areas that provide administrative services to all areas of the University.

Affiliates & Partners

The Affiliates & Partners Index lists educational institutions that are affiliated with the University, or with which the University has a formal association.

Associated Organisations

The Associated Organisations Index includes organisations with which the University or staff of the University have a recognised association, the Murdoch University Foundation and related organisations and consortia. The index also lists organisations and projects in which the University is a partner or participant.

Centres & Institutes

The Centres & Institutes Index includes research Centres and Institutes aligned with Schools aor with Research and Development.

Committees at Murdoch

The Commitees at Murdoch Index is an alphabetical index of a number of University-wide committees, including sub-committees of Academic Council and Senate.

Facilities & Services

The Facilities & Services Index is a comprehensive listing of University facilities and services. It also includes selected links to external sites relevant to the information needs of the Murdoch community. The Index has a subset for Information Technology, another for IT Forms, another for Application Systems, with further indexes that list systems and services where access is restricted and users are required to login using a Murdoch Username and Murdoch Password, as well as externally hosted services, most of which require authentication.

Organisation Areas

The Organisation Areas Index includes the Schools of Study and their associated sections, and the administrative areas with their associated Offices and Sections.

People at Murdoch

The People at Murdoch Index offers contact listings of phone and email details for organisation areas as well as a list of useful contact phone numbers and email addresses. There are also links to indexes and listings for particular roles, such as Academic Chair, Deputy Vice Chancellor, School Dean, Director, Committee member, OSH representative and Justice of the Peace. A search form for the Campus Directory is also included.

Research & Expertise

The Research & Expertise Index is an alphabetial listing of Centres and Institutes and information related to research activities at Murdoch. The Index has subsets for Administrative Information, for information resources relevant to Researchers at Murdoch, and for Electronic Journals published at Murdoch. The initial page also provides access to listings of Research Groups, Research Laboratories and Research Projects.

Schools of Study

The Schools of Study Index lists the Schools at Murdoch offering Courses.

Schools & Sections

The Schools & Sections Index lists the Schools at Murdoch and their associated sections.

Search Murdoch

Search Murdoch includes the facility to Search the Murdoch A to Z Index, the Units Index, the Campus Directory and selected Web sites. The search service offered by the Campus Search Engine makes use of datafeeds from the Murdoch A to Z Index, the Policies index and the Campus Directory.

Teaching & Learning

The Teaching & Learning Index includes organisational units and areas responsible for teaching and learning activities and for areas that provide support services for teaching and learning activities. Subsets of this Index include Administrative Information related to teaching and learning activities and academic study at Murdoch; Facilities & Services that support teaching and learning; and Information Technology used for teaching and learning.