Exams clashing with PSY286

Unit Code: PSY286

Unit Name: Psychology: Human Development PSY286

There are the following activities:

Exam DateExam TimeDuration (Hours)Unit Title
Mon 08/08/202213:301Psychology: Human Development PSY286
Mon 08/08/202219:151Psychology: Human Development PSY286

The following exams start at the same time:

Unit CodeUnit TitleExam DateExam TimeDuration (Hours)Exam Type
MAS162Foundations of Discrete Mathematics MAS162Mon 08/08/202213:303Theory
MAS1621Foundations of Discrete Mathematics MAS1621Mon 08/08/202213:303Theory
PSY286Psychology: Human Development PSY286Mon 08/08/202213:301Timed Exam

Unit CodeUnit TitleExam DateExam TimeDuration (Hours)Exam Type
MBS539Accounting for Managers MBS539Mon 08/08/202219:152Theory
MBS680Auditing MBS680Mon 08/08/202219:152Theory
ICT615Information Technology Research Methods ICT615Mon 08/08/202219:152Timed Exam
PSY382Psychology of Ageing PSY382Mon 08/08/202219:151.50Timed Exam
PSY286Psychology: Human Development PSY286Mon 08/08/202219:151Timed Exam