The power of collaboration and research

The College of Science, Health, Engineering and Education (SHEE) brings together world-renowned researchers and future innovators to unlock solutions to challenges impacting our food, health and sustainability.


About us

Our unique combination of disciplines and collaborative working practices translates theory into action.

As a research intensive university, our three interdisciplinary institutes align with our major research strengths and are guided by our strategic intent – harnessing our creativity to provide innovative solutions for a safe food supply, the health, wellbeing and education of our communities, and a bio-secure and sustainable environment.

The interface between human health, animal health and the environment is at the heart of our research mandala and the potential to deliver significant outcomes for a better world is brought to life by the Harry Butler Institute, Health Futures Institute and Food Futures Institute.

Through combining our knowledge and expertise in both established and emerging fields, our teams are able to make a positive impact faster.

Our disciplines

The College groups together fields with similar aims and interests to foster collaboration and cross-discipline activity. We offer undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees across a range of disciplines:

  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Maths, Statistics, Chemistry and Physics
  • Education
  • Engineering and Energy
  • Environmental and Conservation Sciences
  • Medical, Molecular and Forensic Sciences
  • Nursing
  • Psychology, Exercise Science, Chiropractic and Counselling
  • Veterinary Medicine
Commercial Businesses

Commercial Businesses

The College has a suite of commercial businesses that align to our disciplines and allow our undergraduate and postgraduate students to gain hands-on experience and undertake work placements while studying. These businesses are also an important link into our local communities and industry organisations, ensuring the positive contribution echoes beyond our campus.

Find out more about some of our onsite commercial businesses: Chiropractic Clinic, Caladenia Counselling and The Animal Hospital.

Industry links

Industry Links

To help achieve the College’s strategic intent, we collaborate with a wide range of partners from various backgrounds including government, industry, communities and research organisations. Be it shaping the next generation of leaders in conservation and environmental management with global energy producer Chevron to breeding better barley for the Chinese market with the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, our partnerships deliver positive results globally.

Find out more about our partnerships with industry, government and research providers.

Study Areas

Learn more about our disciplines and courses by exploring our study areas.

Leadership team


Grant O'Neill
Pro Vice Chancellor

Mr Aman Alagh
Director - Strategy and Operations

Jonathan Hill
Executive Dean

Ms Celia Cornwell
Dean International


Heads of Discipline

Dr Petra Skeffington
Psychology, Exercise Science, Chiropractic and Counselling

Dr Henry Annandale
Interim Principal School of Veterinary Medicine

Professor Parisa Arabzadeh Bahri
Engineering and Energy

Associate Professor Vicki Cope

Dr Alasdair Dempsey
Interim Dean Learning and Teaching

Dr Garth Maker
Interim Dean Learning and Teaching

Dr Jennifer Verduin
Environmental and Conservation Sciences

Associate Professor Wayne Greene
Medical, Molecular and Forensic Sciences

Associate Professor David Henry
Dean Research and Innovation

Dr Graham O'Hara
Agricultural Sciences

Associate Professor Gamini Senanayake
Maths, Statistics, Chemistry and Physics