Senior executive team

The senior executive team at Murdoch University are responsible for the strategic management and development of all aspects of university business.

Interim Vice Chancellor Jane den Hollander.

Professor Jane den Hollander
Interim Vice Chancellor

The Interim Vice Chancellor is the most senior executive position at Murdoch University – serving as both the principal academic officer and chief executive officer for the University. Professor den Hollander was appointed Interim Vice Chancellor in October 2021 while the University undertakes a global search and recruitment process for a new Vice Chancellor.

The Interim Vice Chancellor embodies the values of Murdoch and promotes the University's external goals, including stakeholder relations and community engagement. The Interim Vice Chancellor encourages, promotes and facilitates the very best academic and organisational performance across the whole University.

David Morrison

Professor David Morrison
Deputy Vice Chancellor Research & Innovation

The DVC Research & Innovation has overall responsibility for the strategic direction and focus of research undertaken within the University. This position is active in developing closer research links and a funding base with both private and public sector users and providers. In addition the DVC-R&I is responsible for ensuring the promotion of research for the public good and educating the public about the benefits of research and its contribution to society.

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Grant O'Neill

Professor Grant O'Neill
Deputy Vice Chancellor Colleges

The Deputy Vice Chancellor Colleges provides academic and executive leadership across both the College of Arts, Business, Law and Social Sciences and the College of Science, Health, Engineering and Education. The DVC Colleges is accountable for fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, high quality student experience, research excellence, and productive external engagement. He is responsible for leading the Colleges in the delivery of Murdoch’s strategic plan.

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Kylie Readman

Professor Kylie Readman
Deputy Vice Chancellor Education and Equity

The DVC Education and Equity is responsible for providing leadership and strategic direction in shaping the future of Learning, Teaching and Equity at the University. This position has executive responsibility for building staff and student capacity in learning and teaching, focussing on engaging and innovative curriculum, embedded and holistic support, and future-focused initiatives – such as our technology enhanced learning agenda – that push professional practice to the forefront of higher education innovation. The role is responsible for developing, implementing and driving University policy and effective practice in all areas of equity, diversity and inclusion.

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Mr Frank Laezza

Mr Frank Laezza
Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer provides strategic leadership for the University’s business and finance functions, as well as for the management of its financial and capital resources.

The CFO oversees Budget and Financial Planning, Business Systems and Financial Transactional Services, the Financial Controller’s Office, Procurement Services, and the Treasurer’s Office.

Within those units lie critical business functions including, but not limited to, forecasting, financial reporting, accounts receivable and payable, projects accounting, international operations and financial systems.