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Student Rights and Responsibilities

The rights and responsibilities of the Murdoch student are encapsulated in the Student Code of Conduct and the Murdoch Student Charter.  (The Murdoch Student Charter is available as an attached document to the Student Code of Conduct. Please click the tab on the top right corner on the Student Code of Conduct. )

The Murdoch student has a part to play in contributing towards an environment which sustains the principles of fairness and diversity, in accordance with the University's acts, statutes and governing legislation. The University will support students in this endeavour to ensure that they experience a positive environment which is conducive to their learning and development within the larger community.

The Student Code of Conduct sets out standards of conduct and integrity which are consistent with the ethical values and behaviours specified in the University’s Code of Ethics. It is intended to guide students of the University to identify and resolve issues of ethical conduct that may arise in the course of their studies. The Code applies to all students of the University in respect of all activities undertaken in their capacity as students, or that otherwise impact upon the University or the University community. Adhering to the Code of Conduct will also assist in students’ development towards the Graduate Attributes. The Code plays an important role in setting out the University’s responsibilities to the student, and the expectations the University has of the student.

The student is responsible for making themselves aware of University Statutes and other regulations, including any relevant policy and procedures pertaining to their rights and responsibilities and to abide by these. Students can expect the University to make such Statutes, regulations, policies and procedures readily available to them.

The Murdoch University student is expected to:

  • Make themselves aware of, and comply with, University rules, regulations and all other procedures pertaining to their rights and responsibilities;
  • Participate actively and positively in the educational processes of the University and provide constructive feedback on the teaching and learning environment to help staff to improve the learning experience;
  • Meet assessment and administrative deadlines;
  • Submit their own honest work with appropriate referencing, being aware of their responsibilities regarding proper use of copyright material;
  • Prepare adequately and attend lectures and other sessions as scheduled and required;
  • Raise questions or concerns about any aspect of their study, including learning support or any special accommodations required, with the appropriate person in a respectful manner and within a reasonable time frame; and
  • Treat staff and other students with respect and courtesy, being aware of their equality of entitlements regardless of sex, ethnicity, race, religion, political belief, pregnancy, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender history, marital status, family responsibility, or background.

The Murdoch Student Charter includes provisions on what the student can expect from the University, including orientation, academic support, and equity.

The regulatory authorities in Singapore, Dubai and Malaysia have established a number of mechanisms to protect students’ rights.

  • Committee for Private Education (CPE) in Singapore administers the Enhanced Registration Framework, as set out under the Private Education Act and Private Education Regulations. The Framework spells out the mandatory registration requirements and legislative obligations which all private education institutions, operating in and from Singapore, must meet. The CPE is a statutory board formed in 2009 to regulate, develop and raise quality standards in the private education sector. It awards the EduTrust certification to private education institutions if it has achieved stipulated standards in the management of the school, provision of educational services, and financial health. While the EduTrust certification scheme is voluntary, private education institutions which enrol international students must be EduTrust-certified.
  • KHDA in Dubai provides academic authorisation and support quality assurance for all Free Zone universities in Dubai.

Graduate Attributes

Murdoch University has developed a set of nine Graduate Attributes. Graduate Attributes refer to generic capabilities and qualities that help university graduates participate effectively in society and employment. The nine Graduate Attributes are: communication, critical and creative thinking, social interaction, independent and lifelong learning, ethics, social justice, global perspective, interdisciplinarity, and in-depth knowledge of a field of study. More information on the nine Graduate Attributes can be found at the Educational Development website.