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Induction and Professional Development

Induction and professional development are essential to developing staff and organisational capability in transnational education (TNE) delivery. People involved in the delivery of Murdoch’s TNE courses, such as Murdoch Unit Coordinators, Affiliate Lecturers and Transnational Partner administrative staff should undertake induction and professional development. It can be done online or through direct face-to-face contact.

Murdoch University’s Internationalisation Policy states that:

“All Murdoch staff involved in the preparation and delivery of courses and units in transnational locations are to be supported through appropriate and ongoing capacity building”. (Clause 17.2)

The Transnational Education via Partnerships Policy states that:
“All Murdoch staff identified as having transnational education involvement in their current role must be provided with appropriate professional development.” (Clause 33)

“Staff Development opportunities will be extended to Affiliate Staff.” (Clause 34)

The TNE White Paper recommends that induction and continuing professional development be provided for new Unit Coordinators and Affiliate Lecturers: 

  • Affiliate Lecturers should be provided with a minimum of one hour induction training. In addition, each Affiliate Lecturer is to be provided with a minimum of one hour professional development per teaching period. This would require the appointment of a specialist Centre for University Teaching and Learning Lecturer located in the TNE location.
  • The University should provide fee waivers or concessions to Affiliate Lecturers to encourage their take-up of research higher degrees at Murdoch. The University must consider providing conjoint or adjunct academic status to affiliate staff where appropriate.
  • New Murdoch Unit Coordinators should undergo a standard University induction training.
  • The training for affiliate staff ought to be matched by adequate induction training and professional development for new Unit Coordinators.

The new TNE Delivery Model also recommends that Unit Coordinators hold a briefing for Affiliate Lecturers who will be teaching the unit before the commencement of the teaching period and prior to key assessment events. To reach this goal, the University should allocate funding for professional development resources to support both Unit Coordinators and Affiliate Lecturers.

The review of Transnational Teaching Staff Orientation concluded in 2012 produced a number of recommendations on induction for Unit Coordinators and Affiliate Lecturers, including the orientation topics and funding issues.