Vet Alumni 4th Year Scholarship

The fourth year of the veterinary program marks an increased focus in clinical science and comes with significant additional hard work and expenses. This $1000 scholarship was established through donations from Murdoch University Veterinary Alumni to provide support for a student entering their fourth year who is facing demonstrable economic hardship.

A previous recipient of the Vet Alumni 4th Year Scholarship says “At a time when there are numerous expenses, ever-increasing course loads and limited opportunities to work more, the generous financial assistance provided through this scholarship has made it a great deal easier for me to purchase the books, surgery kits, uniforms etc. required for the year ahead.”

“As well as being a great financial support it is lovely to receive such encouragement entering into the most challenging years of the veterinary degree. The scholarship has not only helped me afford course-related expenses but it has allowed me to continue to focus on maintaining a high standard of achievement in my studies.”

“I feel very fortunate to have been awarded this scholarship and I am extremely grateful for your generosity.”

If you would like to help us support a veterinary student facing economic hardship, please download a donation form below.

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