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2015 Keith Roby Memorial Lecture

It's time to be extraordinary

How ordinary people are addressing the climate crisis and how to be part of this extraordinary grassroots movement

Presented by: Kirsty Albion
National Director of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition

To view to the recording of the 2015 Keith Roby Memorial Lecture “It's time to be extraordinary” please click here.

The climate crisis represents the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced, but it's also our opportunity to create a more just and sustainable world. For decades vested interests have tried everything to slow global action on climate change - from misinformation campaigns to confuse the public, to bank-rolling politicians and corrupting public policy.

In the face of this, a grassroots movement has emerged, in every corner of the globe. A grassroots movement that is leading solutions to the climate crisis. Ordinary citizens are coming together to stand up to fossil fuel projects, more than a million Australian houses have put solar on their roofs, and communities are transitioning from polluting energy sources to clean, renewable ones.

This grassroots movement is not just revolutionising our energy system and reducing pollution, it's re-imagining the world we want to live in and creating a more just and sustainable future. Hear how ordinary people are creating extraordinary change.

Kirsty Albion

Kirsty Albion is the Australian Youth Climate Coalition’s National Director and has been part of the team for over eight years. She has led many major campaigns including the 328km Walk for Solar from Port Augusta to Adelaide and the successful campaign to get CommBank to rule out financing coal ports on the Great Barrier Reef. She is passionate about empowering young people on the issue of climate change and has run training days for tens of thousands of young people. In 2010 she was awarded Young Tasmanian of the Year and in 2013 with Lucy Manne was awarded Young Environmentalist of the Year.