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Keith Roby Memorial Lecture History

Date Keith Roby Memorial Lecture Presenter
19 September 2018 Agriculture and conservation: an oxymoron or a necessity? Dr Denis Saunders AM
23 August 2017 The Paris Agreement and its Implications for Energy Transformation Globally and in Australia Dr Bill Hare
11 October 2016 Permaculture: four decades of education, design and action for a sustainable future David Holmgren
20 October 2015 It's time to be extraordinary. How ordinary people are addressing the climate crisis and how to be part of this extraordinary grassroots movement Kirsty Albion
21 October 2014 Failure of Science, Death of Nature Emeritus Professor Harry F. Recher
22 October 2013 Preventing the Death Spiral of the electricity Industry: The option of distributed energy markets Dr Muriel Watt
30 August 2012 Ecocultural Health: Transcending the Natural, Social, and Health Sciences for a sustainable future (audio) Dr David J. Rapport
12 August 2010 Democracy has transformed India, India has transformed Democracy Dr George Mathew
2 July 2009 Sustainability and Surviving the Perfect Storm: Will it be Convergence or Divergence? Professor Jules Pretty
17 July 2008 The Science of Oneness - A worldview for the twenty-first century Professor Malcolm Hollick
2005 Local Enterprise Facilitation for a Just, Participatory and Sustainable Society (transcript not supplied) Dr Ernesto Sirolli
14 May 2003 Beating Nature? Reflections on Human and Global Health Peter Underwood
21 June 2001 Aspects of the Governance of Globalisation John Langmor
7 October 1998 Using Economics to Protect the Environment Clive Hamilton
5 August 1992 Rio and Beyond 2000 - Global Environment Issues: Australia's Role and Interests Penny Wensley
11 October 1989 A Science Policy for the 90s: Globalisation and Localisation Professor Fred Jevons
28 October 1988 Politics, Choice and Long-Term Thinking in an Age of Technological Revolution The Hon. Barry O. Jones
14 October 1987 The Engineering of Reproduction: Is it heading off the rails? Dr Ditta Bartels
12 March 1986 Self-Realization: An Ecological Approach to Being in the World Emeritus Professor Arne Naess
2 October 1985 Extinction: The Implications of the Loss of our Biological Heritage Paul R. Ehrlich
15 August 1984 Conflict, Science and The Garden of Eden Dr Brian Easlea
3 November 1982 Inaugural Keith Roby Memorial Lecture: Born Again Science & Technology Charles Birch