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Mandurah Dolphin Research Project

In January 2016, a research project commenced to gain a solid understanding of the bottlenose dolphins in the Peel-Harvey estuary and adjacent coastal waters. The overall aim of the project is to conduct a population assessment which involves characterising population size and structure, habitat use and genetic connectivity between the dolphins using the estuarine and coastal areas has a strong emphasis on investigating how best to manage and protect the estuarine and coastal dolphin populations.

The Project is part of MUCRU which is led by Professor Lars Bejder. Krista Nicholson, the PhD student is in charge of the project on location. The study will fill a large gap in the university’s long-term cetacean research, which has already begun in Perth and Bunbury.

Scientists have been using photos to identify the dolphins by the nicks and notches on their dorsal fins, and then record their behaviour and location. Since the study commenced approximately 180 distinct individuals have been identified.

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