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Murdoch University Foundation

The Foundation was established solely for the purpose of assisting in the advancement of learning and knowledge and the provision of university education.  The Foundation seeks support from community-minded individuals, businesses, organisations and government to benefit society through Murdoch University’s research, education and community projects. Since the Murdoch University Foundation was established in 2002 more than $23 million in support has been received from our donors and partners. The trustee is M.U.F.T. Company Pty Ltd.

Murdoch University Veterinary Trust

The Veterinary Trust was established for the principal purpose of supporting veterinary science carried on at Murdoch University and to assist with the advancement of veterinary science, research and education in Australia.  Since it was established in 1998 supporters of the Veterinary Trust have donated nearly $4 million towards Murdoch’s world class veterinary education, research and animal health services. Fundraising continues to support equipment purchase, facility upgrading, scholarships and research projects. The trustee is M.U.F.T. Company Pty Ltd.

M.U.F.T. Company Pty Ltd (Trustee)

In November 2013 M.U.F.T. Company Pty Limited, a new and wholly owned subsidiary of Murdoch University, was appointed  sole trustee for the Murdoch University Foundation , replacing the individual Trustees.  In December 2014, M.U.F.T. Company Pty Ltd was also appointed sole trustee for the Murdoch University Veterinary Trust, replacing the individual Trustees. Funds received via donation are passed on in full and do not attract administrative fees or overheads. All funds remain under the administration of the Office of Development, in close alignment with the Finance Office, and in compliance with University and ATO regulations.

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