VLS Announcements 68 - 18 December 2015

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to issue 68 of our weekly announcements and the final VLS announcements for the year.

A busy week that included a visit from a China Animal Health and Epidemiology Centre (CAHEC) Delegation was capped off by "Registration Day" last Friday, where the Veterinary Registration for our final year Veterinary students was celebrated. At the award ceremony students were recognised for academic excellence and their contributions to the School. Distinguished guests, Staff and students then celebrated this occasion with their family and friends. My sincere thanks to our professional and technical staff teams for their hard work organising the day.

Images from 2015 Registration Day

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As this is our final announcement for 2015 I would like to send a special thanks to all our staff for your hard work this year, and I hope you enjoy your well-earned Christmas break.

With best wishes for a happy holiday and a fruitful New Year.

Kind regards

David Hampson

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  • Australia-Germany Research Forum in March 2016

    Australia-Germany Research Forum.

    The “save the date” and registration information will be available in an Austrade Newsletter next Wednesday. The formal invitations to partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for the event will be released early January.

    The Research Fair, as it looks like now, will be also supported by the DAAD, which will be a fantastic opportunity for our Australian partners to promote their research strengths and funding opportunities to one of the most research intensive markets in the world.
    Participation in the Fair is free, but for your university to get maximum exposure through this initiative, GOstralia! has designed a supporting research promotion package (please see attached).

  • Real world learning -  Ecology Students’ Research Project Acknowledged

    A recent paper by VLS researchers Sally Mason, David Newsome, Sue Moore and Ryan Admiral reported that globally recreational trampling of native vegetation is an increasing problem.  One of the research projects from this year’s ENV241 on-campus practical week provided participating students with training in techniques to investigate the impact of off-path recreational trampling in local urban remnants of native woodlands. 

    Lead by VLS graduate researcher Greg Simpson and run in conjunction with the Town of Claremont, this ENV241 project engaged students in gathering data from remnant banksia and eucalypt woodlands located at Lake Claremont and from the Chelodina Reserve at the South Street campus.  In addition to exposing students to research and vocationally applicable techniques of ecological monitoring, these practical projects also involved group collaboration to produce a professional standard scientific report.
    The best of the trampling project reports was formally tabled at a recent meeting of the Town of Claremont’s Lake Claremont [Advisory] Committee.  The committee minuted its thanks to the three ecology students Erin Gibbens, Keri O’Keefe and Annabelle Campbell, formally received their report and acknowledged their findings that:

    1. Off path trampling negatively impacts the structure of native vegetation in urban woodlands.
    2. Conservation fencing protects the structure of native vegetation in urban remnants.
    3. Recreational trampling negatively impacts the recruitment of native trees in urban remnants.
    4. Recruitment of native trees is more uniform in conservation fenced urban woodlands compared with unfenced woodlands.

    The Town of Claremont is applying these findings in the development of a new plan for the management of environmental and recreational values in the Lake Claremont Parklands.

Staff News and Events [Expand All] | [Collapse All]

  • New Staff Member - message from A/Prof Wayne Greene

    It is a pleasure to announce that Dr Paola Magni will be starting with us as Lecturer in Forensic Science on Monday, 4 January.

    Paola, who will be responsible for our undergraduate Forensic Biology and Toxicology major as well as contribute to our Forensic Science Masters program, is a forensic biologist with a key focus on the application of the natural sciences to crime scene
    investigations. She is a professional practitioner recognised by the Italian Court of Law and the international scientific community with expertise in crime scene investigation, forensic entomology, and aquatic biology as applied to forensics. Paola has ten years of experience as a researcher and lecturer/instructor of forensic science. Her research interests encompass a range of areas in forensic entomology as well as in the use of aquatic organisms in forensic investigation and she recently published the first paper to use barnacles to investigate the floating time of human remains.

    Paola originally hails from Italy where she completed a Ph.D in Biology (Forensic Entomology) from the University of Turin.

    We look forward to Paola joining us – please make her feel welcome to Murdoch and to the School of VLS.

    (P.S. Paola Magni’s name is more correctly pronounced “Powla Marnyi”)

  • IMPORTANT Loading Zone 5 Christmas Closure

    Please be aware that Loading Zone 5 will be closed from 12:00pm Thursday 24th December until Monday 4 January 2016. The Fridge/Freezer is not alarmed and will not be monitored during this time.

    If you’re expecting a delivery between now and closure, please notify me via email and include the following information:

    Supplier Details
    Items ordered
    Contact details for pickup (if you’re not on campus)

    Thanks in advance
    I’d like to wish you all a Happy and safe Christmas break.

    Karen Sutherland | Veterinary Hospital Stores Assistant
    Veterinary Teaching Hospital
    VCS Room 1.011| South Street | Murdoch | Western Australia 6150
    Tel +61 8 9360 2299 | Fax +61 8 9310 7354

  • Copyright Survey

    We are in week 5 of the Copyright Survey, only two more months to go, a big thanks to all that have been filling out the forms.

    Now that we have gone through the probation period and have ironed out some of the kinks, it is imperative that everyone remembers to continue filling out the forms when photocopying only, not for printing or scanning.

    Unfortunately, some of the returns from photocopiers in the School of Veterinary and Life Sciences appear to be showing large discrepancies. To allow users to check progress, I will be posting the figures regularly. The figures for week 3 are:

    Copyright Survey 2015-2016 – summary of week 3 data collection

    Printer number Location Meter Reading Reported on Forms Discrepancy
    036 VCS 259 62 197 76%
    037 VCS 158 27 131 83%
    046 BS 181 1 180 99%
    051 FHU 15 212 -197 -89%

    Negative numbers indicate that printing has been included on the forms, please remember this is for photocopying only, every page counts!

    As always, if you have any questions or need help please let me know.

    Amy Sheppard Moeen
    Administrative Officer | Technical Resources
    School of Veterinary and Life Sciences
    Tel: +61 8 9360 7465

Seminars, Conferences and Workshops [Expand All] | [Collapse All]

  • Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships (QES) If you are looking for a source of funding for mobility of upper level undergraduate students, and graduate students, between Canada and Australia, the Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships (QES) may be of interest to you:

    The Program is open to all Commonwealth countries.

    QES is managed by Universities Canada, but the projects are university based. The Canadian universities work across many areas from Indigenous education to forestry to genome mapping and so on. Interested parties need to contact the Canadian university directly to see if they are taking individual applications (which is often the case) or if they are working with one or more specific partners in Australia.

    Here is the current list of projects:

    If you already have collaborations with Canadian researchers and their institutions, there may be an opportunity for your Canadian partners to develop a project application to QES in future. If successful, this might then become a source of scholarships for movement between Canada and Australia in your subject area.

    There are three components:

    · Scholarships for Canadian students to Commonwealth countries
    This component awards scholarships to Canadian graduate students enrolled at a Canadian university to study at a partner Commonwealth university or to conduct research in a Commonwealth country for a minimum of 90 days.
    · Scholarships for Canadian students to conduct internships in Commonwealth countries
    This component awards scholarships to Canadian senior-level students (3rd or 4th year undergraduate students or graduate students) to participate in internships for a minimum of 90 days with partner institutions in Commonwealth countries.
    · Scholarships for Commonwealth students to study in Canada
    This component awards scholarships to non-Canadian Commonwealth students and professionals to pursue academic credit at Canadian universities towards their master’s or doctorate degrees.

VLS Announcements No. 68