VLS Announcements 044 - 2 July 2015

Dear Colleagues,

This week, I would like to acknowledge and farewell two of our esteemed long serving staff members: Carolyn Jones and Frank Salleo.

Carolyn Jones and Mike CalverCarolyn’s energy and commitment have been instrumental to the development of Murdoch University since her start at Murdoch in what was then ‘Biological and Environmental Science’. During her time as the Dean of the School of Biological Sciences & Biotechnology, she led the school to be highly recognised for excellence in research & teaching, and fostered collaboration across campus. Her input and contributions to the initial set up of the School of VLS also were invaluable and crucial to the foundations of the school. As a lecturer, both her peers and her students have time and again acknowledged the quality of her teaching and her strong dedication to the future of Murdoch University. Carolyn will be leaving Murdoch University on Friday this week, so please join me in wishing her all the very best for her future endeavours.

Frank Salleo and Nick CostaFrank Salleo, our former Technical Resources Manager, left last week and his farewell party at the Tavern saw a gathering of colleagues and friends from across campus. Since coming from UWA to join the Botany section at Murdoch University, his career led him from being the School Manager in the School of Environmental Sciences to being in charge of technical resources in the VLS School as the Technical Resources Manager. Frank's professionalism, corporate knowledge and expertise were highly valued by all. We wish Frank all the best for his future projects and camping expeditions.

Congratulations to Prof. Peter Irwin and his team on their recent findings related to Lyme disease and ticks in Australia. The team tested 196 ticks in Australia and found one that contained the Borrelia bacteria. More research will need to be done to confirm whether this is an isolated finding or a widespread infection of ticks but this is an exciting discovery in the research on the causes of Lyme disease.

You can also read further below about “Cuddles”, a 28 year old python from Perth Zoo, who underwent a CT scan at the Veterinary Hospital last week. Staff at the Zoo were concerned about the python’s health as he seemed to have gone off his food and was losing weight.


David Hampson
Dean, School of Veterinary and Life Sciences

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  • Call for applications - Research Studies Program 2015 - Message from Prof. David Hampson for action

    Applications for Research Studies Program 2015 need to be submitted to your cluster leader no later than c.o.b. Mon 6 July . Read below for further information...

    Dear Academic Staff

    The following notification (below) has been received from the DVC R&D’s office, in order to streamline the process within the School please note the timelines at the foot of this email:


    I would like to call for applications for this year’s Research Studies Program.

    Please see links below to the following documents:


    School Timelines

    • Submission date to the DVC R&D is 15 July, 2015 – late applications will NOT be accepted;
    • Your application will need to be submitted to your cluster leader no later than c.o.b. Mon 6 July to ensure appropriate sign off by Cluster Leaders / School Dean and to adhere to the deadline of 15 July, 2015, if you are applying for RSP, please advise your cluster leader in the first instance.


  • Friends of Scitech - Science Cafe expression of interest now open - Message from Scitech

    Expressions of interest now open for Science Cafe 2015 - Come and share your passion for science with high school students...

    Dear Friends of Scitech,

    Expressions of interest are now open for Science Cafe 2015.  We’d love you to join us and share your passion for science with high school students. 

    Science Cafe
    9.00am-12.00pm, Wednesday 26th August 2015
    The University of Western Australia, Winthrop Hall

    Register your interest here:

    Students from schools across the Perth metropolitan area have been invited to The University of Western Australia for morning tea. Approximately 80 West Australian Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) professionals from a wide range of organisations will be seated at tables and will each host 4 students at a time. Scientists will be encouraged to talk with the students about studies and career opportunities in STEM over morning tea. The scientists will be a mix, from high profile researchers to PhD students representing a range of STEM disciplines. Scientists will swap tables in three x 25 minute time slots.

    Draft Order of Proceedings


    Scientists arrive for briefing


    Students arrive


    Scientists and students seated


    MC welcomes guests, guest speakers and intros the morning (10 mins)


    Keynote presentation followed by Q & A (15+5 mins)


    Session 1 begins (scientists and students interact) (25 mins)


    Talk by young scientist, followed by Q & A (15+5 mins)


    Scientists swap tables and Session 2 begins (scientists and students interact) (25 mins)


    Scientists swap tables and Session 3 begins (scientists and students interact) (25 mins)


    MC wraps-up


    Event concludes by 12pm at the latest

    To ensure a successful event we would like a diverse mix of scientists. We are seeking engaging scientists that are happy to be proactive in sharing information about their career with high school students. Please be aware that we are looking for a wide range of different scientific disciplines and careers, therefore we are taking expressions of interest at this time and you will be notified at a later date if you have been successful. Morning tea will be provided during the morning.

    Please submit your expression of interest by clicking on the link below.

    Please register by Friday 3rd July 2015
    Science Cafe 2014 is proudly supported by The University of Western Australia, Scitech and Chevron.

    Please contact Colleen Kleinschmidt should you require further information (email: - phone: 9215 0785)

  • BirdLife WA student sponsorship to attend the AOC in November 2015

    BirdLife Western Australia is offering two sponsorships worth $500 each for postgraduate students, to assist with attendance at the Australasian Ornithological Conference in Adelaide (Wed 25 - Fri 27 November 2015)....

    Students must be studying in WA and currently enrolled in a degree that is relevant to ornithology, and prepared to present a paper at this conference.
    The sponsorships will be allocated on the basis of the merit, quality, and relevance of submitted abstracts.

    Please find attached the sponsorship form, to be completed by both the student and principal supervisor. Please feel free to pass this on to any students or supervisors who may be interested.

    The deadline for applications has been EXTENDED until July 31 , with successful applicants notified by August 31.

  • Lime Disease Bacteria - New discovery by Prof. Peter Irwin and his team

    A team of researchers led by Prof Peter Irwin have recently discovered a bacteria which may be linked to similar symptoms to Lyme disease... 

    The team tested 196 ticks in Australia and found one that contained the Borrelia bacteria. More research will need to be done to confirm whether this is an isolated finding or a widespread infection of ticks.
    + more

  • New ARC website - Message from Jane Crier, Research and Development Office

    ARC will launch their new website on Monday 6th July. The web address will remain the same: Please read email below from the ARC for further information...

    The new website has two menu items covering the National Competitive Grants Program.

    Under Funding Opportunities, you will find information on:

    • the ARC’s funding schemes
    • what type of grants you can apply for
    • information required by applicants
    • information specifically for international researchers and industry collaboration
    • peer review at the ARC, and of course
    • our important dates.

    under Funded Research, where you will find:

    • information about managing grants post-award
    • the most recent funding outcomes under the Discovery and Linkage Programs,
    • and also our full grants dataset.

    Jane Crier
    Manager, Research Grants and Contract Services
    Research and Development Office
    Tel: (+618) 9360 2970

  • Boards of Examiners meetings for VLS for Semester 1, 2015 - Message from Coralie Mainwaring, Academic Policy Coordinator, Academic Registrar's Office

    Reminder - see Boards of Examiners meeting dates for VLS for Semester 1, 2015...

    College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM)
    DATE: Wednesday 8 July
    TIME: 2.00 pm
    VENUE: VCS 2.008

    Life Sciences (AGF, ENC, MBM)
    DATE: Wednesday 8 July
    TIME: 10.30 am
    VENUE: Biological Sciences LT

  • Loaning or hiring out Murdoch equipment

    if you are loaning or hiring out Murdoch equipment, in particular research equipment, please read on...

    When loaning or hiring out Murdoch equipment, particularly research equipment, please create a formal agreement with the external parties via the
    Equipment Lease Agreement document attached.

    A copy is to filed with the VLS Technical Resources Manager.

    Thank you,

    Marilyn Davies
    Technical Resources Manager

  • Python "Cuddles" visits the Veterinary Hospital

    “Cuddles”, a 28 year old python from Perth Zoo, underwent a CT scan at the Veterinary Hospital last week. 

    Staff at the Zoo were concerned about the python’s health as he seemed to have gone off his food and was losing weight. + more

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  • Safety in Research and Teaching- Message from Vanessa Hahn, Safety in R&T Coordinator

    See the induction timetable for Safety in Research and Teaching,semester 2, 2015.

    Safety in Research and Teaching Induction

    Day 1: To be held on Friday, 24 July 2015

    Venue: ECL 4

    This induction workshop is for all new honours, post graduate, post-doctoral personnel, and new staff.  Others are also welcome to attend as an update to training and information on current codes and legislation.  There is no cost involved.  If you supervise someone who has not done this training please bring it to their attention. 
    This induction introduces issues related to safety in research and teaching including Ethics and Integrity, Insurance, Fieldwork as well as Laboratory Safety. 
    Session 1, before morning tea, is relevant to all areas of the university.  Sessions 2 and 3 are aimed at more specialised needs; it is anticipated that attendees will stay until all areas of relevance have been covered for them.  In some instances this induction may be required before obtaining approval to commence a particular project/research.
    Please note, the induction is a 2 part process which involves attending the session and completing the online Moodle Unit.
    Friday, 24 July 2015
    Session 1

    8:30am         Welcome
    8:45am         Research Ethics and Integrity
    9:15am         Insurance
    9:45am         Fieldwork (all disciplines)
    10:15am       Morning Tea
    Session 2
    11:00am       Fieldwork (science specific)
    11:30am       Laboratory Safety
    12:00noon     Biosafety
    12:30pm       Radiation Safety

    12:45pm       End
    Wednesday 29 July 2015
    Session 3

    1:45pm – 4:30pm         Chemical Safety

    Venue:  Hill Lecture Theatre
    Bookings are essential as places are limited.
    Please click on the following link to enrol in the 2015 Semester 2 SRT Induction Moodle unit which will also indicate your attendance to the SRT Induction.
    The Chemical Safety module will be run on a separate day (29 July).
    Should you have any further enquiries about the Induction, please email

    Vanessa Hahn
    Safety in Research anad Teaching Coordinator
    Tel: 9360 6326

  • Supervisor Enhancement Workshop - Message from Graduate Research Office  for action

    The next Supervisor professional development workshop will be on 14th July - see further information below...


    The next Supervisor Enhancement Workshop will be presented on Tuesday, 14th July 2015  (9am -12) in the Murdoch Business Building,  rooms LL1.002/LL1.003.

    In order to meet research training educational standards expectations under a range of national mandated and best practise policies, the Research Degrees and Scholarships Committee (RDSC) of the university has approved the implementation of a compulsory supervisor professional development program (don’t be alarmed  it is one 3-hour workshop once every 4 years) as part of the requirements for academic staff to be listed on the approved register of supervisors.

    The attached document provides details of the background to development of the Workshop program, and identifies how it will be rolled out over the next few years.

    As per the roll-out information in the attached document, we require academic staff in your School who fall in to the first cohort for Workshop completion  - i.e. all staff who are not eligible to act as a Principal Supervisor, and have not been required to complete the EPS (Enhancing Postgraduate Supervision) program - to attend a workshop session this year if they wish to continue to be eligible to supervise graduate research degree students. We encourage all academic staff who have not completed EPS within the last 4 years (or are not currently undertaking EPS) to attend a workshop as soon as possible so that they are fully informed about current policy, procedures and issues relating to GRD supervision. If you are unable to attend this workshop in July, further workshops will be held in November 2015 and February 2016 (dates to be confirmed).

    School Managers please circulate this information to all academic staff.  There are still places left for the July 14th workshop. 

    Please ask Staff to contact myself, Karen Richardson  ( to register for the 14th July, 2015 SEW workshop  by 5 p.m. on Monday, 13th July, 2015.    
    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Kindest regards

    Karen Richardson (9360 6927)

  • National Science Week - Evening event hosted at Murdoch - Message from Prof David Hampson

    Send your suggested list of guests from external individuals/organisations by COB Friday 3 July...

    Dear colleagues

    As part of our efforts for National Science Week, Murdoch is delighted to be hosting an evening event on Monday 17th August entitled, ‘Animal, Human, Environment“ Where is the next challenge coming from?’ with eminent speakers: Dr Chris Smith (BBC Naked Scientist); Ben Britton (Director of Wild Animal Encounters); Prof Peter Klinken (WA Chief Scientist) and Murdoch’s very own A/Prof Trish Fleming (Wildlife Biologist).  The evening will run from 6.00pm to 8.30pm, beginning with wine and nibbles at Club M, where invited guests will have the opportunity to meet staff, researchers and student ambassadors and discover the science being undertaken at Murdoch.  Our guest speakers will then each give a short presentation followed by a chaired Q&A panel, inviting audience participation in KBLT.

    In the first instance, we would like to compile a guest list for any external individuals/organisations.  Please therefore can you submit any suggested names and contact details to Sarah Gillett by COB Friday 3 July 2015. We will also be opening up spaces to the general public, for anyone that is interested in our chosen topic and also to hear from our eminent speakers as well as posting the event on the staff announcements.

    We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you too will join us for this exciting evening.

    Kind regards
    David Hampson

  • Changes to Discretionary Spend Policy and Travel Policy - as per Staff Announcements

    Please note the recent changes to the Discretionary Spend Policy (1002) and to the Travel Policy (1502)...

    For a summary of those changes, please refer to the Staff Announcements. For more detailed information, you can access the revised policies in the Policies and Procedure Manager accessible at: (note: your Murdoch login username and password will be required to access the PPM).


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  • AMSA Rottnest Workshop 2015 - Message from Eloise Ashworth - PhD Researcher in CFFR

    AMSA Rottnest Workshop 2015

    The School of Veterinary and Life Sciences was pleased to provide sponsorship to the 12th Annual Marine Science student workshop, organised by the WA committee of the Australian Marine Sciences Association, held at Rottnest Island on the 25th and 26th June. Our thanks to Eloise Ashworth, one of our PhD candidates, for her insights on the workshop.

    The Rottnest Island workshop is held for students, giving them a unique opportunity to expose their research, to exchange ideas and to network among themselves. This year’s workshop was attended by 40 students, with 7 representing Murdoch University.

    On the first day, an informal session was held for students to present and get feedback on their work, also providing an excellent occasion to discover what new research is being conducted at other universities across WA. Expert presentations on a diversity of topics ranging from influence of climate to acoustic monitoring and conservation were given by 18 students. Four favourite presentations received a prize this year as both Harriet Davies (Honours) and Daniel Yeoh (PhD) from Murdoch University were rewarded a joint third prize.
    The next day, six senior scientist guest speakers, including Post-doctoral research fellow Dr. Peter Coulson from Murdoch University and visiting French Associate Professor Nicolas Le Corre from Géomer at the University of Western Brittany, came to talk about their inspiring career paths and provided excellent advice on research options in marine science.
    The workshop was a great success and provided a fantastic opportunity for students to approach professionals from a diversity of research institutions, i.e. Curtin University, Department of Parks and Wildlife, MScience, Murdoch University, University of Western Brittany, and Western Australian Department of Fisheries.

    On behalf of the students, I would like to thank our generous sponsors, including Murdoch School of Veterinary and Life Sciences, for kindly sponsoring this workshop and the students who attended.

    Eloise Ashworth
    PhD Researcher in Centre for Fish and Fisheries Research

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  • Fulbright Scholarship for Australians - message from Fulbright Commission

    For research or study opportunities in the US, apply for a Fulbright Scholarship...

    Dear Partners, Sponsors, Alumni and Friends of the Fulbright Community,
    I write to inform you that we have now entered the final month for Fulbright Scholarship applications for Australian candidates.
    For your convenience, attached to this email you will find a digital flyer containing a comprehensive list of Scholarships available to Australian candidates for 2016.
    If you or anyone you know are interested in sponsorship for study or research at a U.S. institution,  we would like to encourage all potential candidates to submit applications via our website by the closing date of 1 August 2015
    Discover how Fulbright can help you find a platform for your research on the Global Stage - apply for a Fulbright Scholarship today.
    Yours faithfully, 
    Alexander Maclaurin
    Communication & Events Officer
    Australian-American Fulbright Commission
    PO Box 9541, Deakin, ACT, 2600, Australia
    T: +61 2 6260 4460 D: +61 2 6210 5696

VLS Announcements No. 044