VLS Announcements 034 - 24 April 2015

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to issue 034 of our weekly announcements.

I am delighted to update everyone on the amended decision regarding our own Navid Moheimani's presentation at the recent FameLab semi-final.

Those of you who attended Navid Moheimani’s presentation on microalgae at FameLab, as reported in the previous VLS Newsletter [ ] and The Exchange [ ], may not be surprised to learn that the British Council’s Fame Lab judges have since reviewed all the presentations and decided that Navid is to go the final. Navid is understandably very excited about this opportunity, and the School congratulates him, and wishes him all the best for the National Final. So, there is even more reason now to get to the national finals of Fame Lab, which are also to be held here in WA, on 12-13 May. If you are looking for a science–themed event for yourself, family and friends, get down to the WA Maritime Museum in Fremantle and support Navid in the final.
Tickets are available here

Shown below are some images of Navid in action!


David Hampson

034 - Navid Famelab.jpg

Photo credit: Renae Sayers @lycrageek

034 - Navid Famelab2.jpg

Photo credit: British Council

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Teaching and Research News [Expand All] | [Collapse All]

  • Are all your 2014 publications with Murdoch Affiliation in IRMA? - Message from Chris Hutchison for action

    Dear All

    Please be aware that the Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) for 2015 is due soon.

    All research publications* satisfying the following criteria needs to be uploaded (including the final copy of the publication) into IRMA by you or your school administration staff by Thursday, 30 April 2015.

    1. Peer reviewed journal articles, peer reviewed conference papers or research books / book chapters
    2. Published in 2014
    3. With Murdoch University affiliation

    The HERDC Specifications can be found here and a summary for Murdoch can be found here

    Click here to access the IRMA Website

    * According to the HERDC, a research publication must be characterised by:

    • substantial scholarly activity, as evidenced by discussion of the relevant literature, an awareness of the history and antecedents of work described, and provided in a format which allows a reader to trace sources of the work, including through citations and footnotes
    • originality (i.e. not a compilation of existing works. See important notes below regarding the treatment of scholarly editions and scholarly translations)
    • veracity/validity through a peer review process or by satisfying the quality control processes of a commercial publisher (as defined at section 6.1.2).
    • increasing the stock of knowledge
    • being in a form that enables dissemination of knowledge.

                             - HERDC Specifications page 18

    If you have any queries, please direct them to Adrian Cheng on 9360 2954 or


    Chris Hutchison
    Director of Research & Development
    Murdoch University
    90 South Street, Murdoch,
    Western Australia 6150
    Telephone: +61 8 9360 7260
    Mobile: 0408 333 780

  • Australia-Germany Joint Research Cooperation Scheme - application pack - Message from Research and Development

    Please find here the application pack for the Australia-Germany Joint Research Cooperation Scheme for funding to commence in 2016.

    Applications close 30 June 2015.

  • Pawsey Funding available ($50k) - Message from Prof Jenni Harrison, Head of Data, The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre

    Pawsey have a small amount of research seed funding available to build capability within Data Intensive Sciences. Specifically, the funding ($50,000) is available to any researcher in any discipline (within Murdoch University) provided they can demonstrate (via a submitted proposal) how they can spend the funds (over 6-12 months, usually) to build / develop capability within data intensive sciences or address a problem within data intensive sciences by (for example):

    • creating a data tool to address a defined issue
    • improving access from the institution to the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre / or facilities
    • Developing or enhancing an existing data intensive workflow within an institution or across an institution to support a research outcome.

    Staff need to contact Prof Harrison (details shown below) by no later than COB on Friday 1st May to register their interest. Or they can contact Prof Harrison for further information on projects that Pawsey have supported to date and to receive details regarding eligibility criteria and requirements for reporting.

    Professor Jenni Harrison
    Head of Data
    The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre
    The University of Western Australia
    35 Stirling Highway
    Crawley WA 6009
    Tel + 61 8 6488 7153

Staff News and Events [Expand All] | [Collapse All]

  • Workplace Learning Experience Program - Assistance required - please read  for action

    External Engagement is working to establish a partnership with Applecross Senior High School. As a part of this partnership, we are flagging with Schools and staff at Murdoch the opportunity to supervise students in a Year 10 Work Experience Program.

    In short, the University is looking to place up to 30 Applecross students in a one week block from either the 14th – 18th September or 21st – 25th September.

    We are looking to place students in a variety of roles and would welcome any interest from staff at VLS to partake in the program. If you could please circulate this information to staff in VLS, that would be wonderful. More information about the program and its benefits can be found in the Staff Announcements at

    If staff would like to express their interest in supervising a work experience student or have any questions at all, they are more than welcome to contact the External Engagement Team at


    Jade Castle
    Future Student Officer | External Engagement |Academic Registrar's Office
    Phone +61 9360 6706 | Email

  • Congratulations Yvonne Markey on her Appointment to the position of Nurse Manager - Message from Dominic O'Sullivan

    Hello Everyone,

    We are pleased to announce that, after a rigorous and countrywide search, Yvonne Markey has been appointed to the role of Nurse Manager effective May 14th (or sooner if possible). Yvonne is exceptionally well placed to fill this role and brings to it a wealth of experience in both nursing and nursing management which will be an excellent addition to our management team.

    Warren Timpson, I and the Hospital Management Team are excited about this appointment as it will add the final piece to our management team and also deliver a perspective into the nursing operations that we have been missing. Yvonne will sit on the Hospital Management Team as the voice of the nursing team and will be an integral part of our decision making.

    We will be starting the process to fill Yvonne’s role ASAP and will be advertising internally only.

    Please join us in congratulating Yvonne in this new and exciting next step in her career.


    Dominic O’Sullivan | Hospital Operations Manager
    Veterinary Teaching Hospital
    College of Veterinary Medicine
    School of Veterinary and Life Sciences
    Murdoch University
    Veterinary Hospital Rm 1.049 | South Street | Murdoch | Western Australia 6150
    Tel +61 8 9360 2644 | Fax +61 8 9360 6509 | Email D.O’

  • Welcome Chelsea Little to the position of Continuing Education Coordinator - Message from Fiona Feist

    031 - Chelsea Little.jpg  Please join me in welcoming Chelsea Little to the role Continuing Education Coordinator replacing Kelly Hall who is now on maternity leave. Chelsea will commence next week on Tuesday, 28th April 2015.

    Fiona Feist | Executive Business Manager
    School of Veterinary and Life Sciences
    Murdoch University
    Loneragan Room 3.036F | South Street | Murdoch | Western Australia 6150
    Tel +61 8 9360 7654 | Mob 0439 889 974 | Fax +61 8 9360 2949 | Email

  • Welcome Tamsyn Wilson to the position of Student Advisor - Message from Fiona Feist  

    034 - Tamsyn Wilson.jpg  Please join me in also welcoming Tamsyn Wilson to the role of Student Advisor replacing Suzanne White. Tamsyn started with us on Monday20 April. Welcome Tamsyn!

    Fiona Feist | Executive Business Manager
    School of Veterinary and Life Sciences
    Murdoch University
    Loneragan Room 3.036F | South Street | Murdoch | Western Australia 6150
    Tel +61 8 9360 7654 | Mob 0439 889 974 | Fax +61 8 9360 2949 | Email

    extra ...

  • Review of Murdoch's Disability Access and Inclusion Plan - Message from Erica Lewin, Manager, Equity and Social Inclusion

    Murdoch University's current Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) is being reviewed and the review process is now underway, with a view to developing the next plan for 2016 - 2020. Please see


    The Equity and Social Inclusion Office would like to consult with students and staff and welcomes comments and suggestions on the current Disability Access and Inclusion Plan. You may also wish to participate in a focus group for this purpose.

    Please contact the Manager, Equity and Social Inclusion Office, on 08 9360 6146 or email: if you would like to participate in the review process or if you require an alternative version of the current DAIP.

    Many thanks,

    Erica Lewin, PhD
    Manager | Equity and Social Inclusion | Academic Registrar's Office
    Phone 08 9360 6146 |( Phone 08 9360 6084

    Murdoch University, 90 South Street, MURDOCH WA 6150

  • Autoclave Training confirmed for Friday 1 May - Message from Rhonda Loxley, Scientific Officer

    Autoclave training will take place on Friday 1 May 2015 at the following times:

    Science and Computing Autoclave - 10:00am
    Biological Sciences Autoclave - 10:30am

    Anyone needing to use these Autoclaves is welcome to come along to the appropriate session.

    A reminder that it is necessary to have attended these training sessions to be eligible to use the autoclaves.

Seminars, Conferences and Workshops [Expand All] | [Collapse All]

  • VPL3 - Vet and Animal Science Student Conference Invitation - Message from Honor Calnan

    Hi Everyone,

    Please see here for the invitation to this year’s Vet & Animal Science Student Conference, to be held on Thursday the 7th of May at the Boulevard Conference Centre in Floreat.

    The conference is organised by the 3rd year vet and animals science honour students, from garnering sponsorship to organising catering, and provides these students with an excellent opportunity to present the work they’ve developed in the VPL3 unit in a professional setting.

    The students will be giving oral power point and poster presentations across three rooms at the conference venue throughout the day on their selected research topic. As part of this unit students have selected a recent research paper investigating a production animal issue that they have personally encountered on their farm placements. The students have then adopted this work as if it were their own and adapted it into a short (1 page) paper that will be printed in conference proceedings as well as a poster and power point presentation outlining the research.

    If you have a couple of hours, a half or full day to spare it would be excellent to have you attend to support students at this event.
    There are a wide range of interesting topics that will be covered by the student so the conference gives an excellent overview of current research being undertaken within the production animal field.

    Honor Calnan
    PhD Student
    Murdoch University
    School of Veterinary & Life Sciences

  • Seminar - 'Practices and current issues in visitor management of Finnish protected areas' - Message from Karen Olkowski 

    'Practices and current issues in visitor management of Finnish protected areas'
    Wednesday 13th May, 12.30pm-1.30pm
    Biological Sciences Lecture Theatre (BSLT)
    Presenter: Miisa Pietilä

    Miisa’s seminar will introduce the visitor management practices that are applied to sustain the fragile Nordic environment and to deliver quality experiences to protected area visitors in Finland. She will also demonstrate how the role of recreation and tourism has increased in Finnish protected areas, especially its national parks. Additionally, the seminar will discuss current management issues such as promoting and monitoring parks' health benefits, branding national parks as tourism destinations, as well as utilising Public Participation GIS methods to support park management.

    Miisa Pietilä is a doctoral student at the University of Oulu in the Department of Geography. She is specialized in Public Participation GIS (PPGIS) methods and her research focuses on developing best practices of using PPGIS methods to promote visitor management of natural areas. Miisa is visiting Murdoch as a research scholar for three months under the auspices of Professor Sue Moore’s Nature Based Tourism Research Group.



    Karen Olkowski
    HDR and Honours Coordinator
    School of Veterinary and Life Sciences

  • STEMFest Canada - 2nd International STEMfest - Abstracts close 1st July 2015 - Message from Rebecca Treloar-Cook, School of Engineering & Information Technology

    Dear Colleagues

    Murdoch University and the School of Engineering and Information Technology are hosting STEMFest in Perth in 2016.

    As the School did in 2013 for STEMFest in Sarawak, academics from the School will be attending the STEMFest conference in 2015 in Saskatoon Canada to promote our courses, research, showcase our School and the greater University.

    STEMFest this year will be under the banner of “Skilling a Nation’s Future – Aligning STEM Education to a Nation’s Future Human Resource Needs” and will be held between 27th September to 3rd October 2015 at Prairieland Park Convention Centre, Saskatoon, Canada

    STEMFest 2015 includes the following:

    1. International Conference on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education and Innovation (STEMcon) (Skilling a Nation’s Future)
    2. 3rd World Conference on Safety in Science, Industry and Education (Safety First)(Hosted in Partnership with the Laboratory Safety Institute)
    3. 9th Global Conference on Power Control and Optimisation (Creating a Lean Culture)
    4. LSI Two Day Safety Training Course
    5. International Conference on Transnational Collaboration – International Trade, Bids and Tenders in STEM
    6. STEMfest Science Fair and Education Expo
    7. Women in Science Networking Seminar
    8. Launch of STEM Ambassador Program
    9. Ride2Learn Community Bike Ride
    10. GameJam and AppDay
    11. 14th International Conference on Clean Energy 2015 (Hosted in partnership with the International Association for Hydrogen Energy)
    12. International Meetings Industry Forum on Science, Technology and Engineering Conferences 2015
    13. 2nd International Conference on Hybrid Energy and Technologies 2015 (Hosted in partnership with the Asia Pacific Society for Solar and Hybrid Technologies)
    14. 2nd President’s and Vice Chancellor’s Forum
    15. Association Executives in STEM Forum
    16. 8th International Conference on Crop Science
    CALL FOR ABSTRACTS close 1st July 2015

    Visit [link expired]

    See here for further information and here for the program.

    Best regards,


    Rebecca Treloar-Cook
    School Manager
    School of Engineering & Information Technology
    Phone +61 8 9360 2752

  • Environmental Science MSc student seminars - April 29th at 12h30- 13h20 in Post- graduate Suite - Message from Prof Lynnath Beckley

    You are cordially invited to attend the completion seminars by three Murdoch University MSc (Environmental Science) students on Wednesday 29th April at 12h30-13h20.The diverse topics range from mine rehabilitation and deforestation to the RAMSAR convention. Please RSVP so I know how many people are coming along. Your support for our coursework Masters students will be highly appreciated by the students and their supervisors.
    Prof Lynnath Beckley
    MSc project co-ordinator

    Environmental Science MSc Seminars

    DATE: 12h30-13h20, Wednesday 29th April 2015
    PLACE: Post-graduate Room, ECL1.031 (behind library)

    Adam Freeman
    Enhancing water retention in mineral tailings through the addition of clays to improve plant water availability during rehabilitation
    Long-term mine tailings rehabilitation is dependent on a number of factors which interact to promote a self-sustaining floristic community. One of these factors is the capacity for the tailings to retain suitable plant-available levels of soil moisture. A series of lab-based trials were conducted with tailings from a Western Australian magnetite mine, and varying proportions of local clays. With up to a 20% increase in the moisture retention of tailings, these trials demonstrate the potential of this approach, and is well worth further investigation.
    Supervisors: Professor Richard Bell and Dr Wendy Vance

    Ashley Godwin
    Are there spatial patterns of deforestation on Timor between 1989 and 2009?
    Deforestation is a global issue of particular significance in the third world. Remotely-sensed images of Timor were used to identify areas of forest cover and change between 1989 and 2009. These spatial data were used to investigate relationships between forest change and elevation, slope, and proximity to rivers and roads. The overall change was a 25% loss of forest cover. Loss of forest declined with increasing elevation and slope with the exception of the lowest elevation and flattest slope classes, possibly because deforestation at accessible elevations and slopes has already occurred and is now moving up-slope. The four variables were compared between Indonesian West Timor and Timor Leste and there were consistent patterns in both counties between deforestation rates and environmental variables. The deforestation rate in West Timor was about twice that in Timor Leste. Factors contributing to the different deforestation rates include greater topographic relief in Timor Leste, an earlier developmental stage and the war for independence.
    Supervisors: Dr Halina Kobryn and Dr Meg Andrew

    Michael Williams
    A review of the implementation of the Ramsar Convention by the Commonwealth and Western Australian Governments
    The Ramsar Convention was signed in 1971 to halt, and reverse, large-scale clearing and degradation of wetlands and to protect internationally important wetlands which meet one of nine criteria. Australia has nominated 65 wetlands of international importance ('Ramsar wetlands'). As a signatory to the convention, Australia has agreed to maintain the ecological character of these wetlands and provide updates to the Ramsar Secretariat. The implementation of the Convention for 12 Ramsar wetlands in Western Australia has been examined and it has been found that some routine documentation is not being provided on time and some wetlands are lacking management plans, primarily due to inappropriate vesting of the land. Recommendations to better implement the Ramsar Convention are discussed.
    Supervisors: Associate Professor John Bailey and Dr Nora Oyama

    SEMINARS will be approximately 15 minutes each followed by questions

    Professor Lynnath Beckley
    Academic Chair (Marine Science)
    Room PS3.038
    School of Veterinary & Life Sciences

  • Presentation "Cytomegalovirus immune evasion: lessons from the rat" Tuesday 28 April by Dr Sebastian Voigt - Message from Deb Robertson

    See flyer here for presentation by Dr Sebastian Voigt on Tuesday 28 April at 11am in the McCusker Centre.

    Dr Voigt's talk is entitled "Cytomegalovirus immune evasion: lessons from the rat"

VLS Announcements No. 034