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  • Supervisor professional development requirement - message from Kellie O'Toole  for action

    In order to meet research training educational standards expectations under a range of national mandated and best practise policies, the Research Degrees and Scholarships Committee (RDSC) of the university has approved the implementation of a compulsory supervisor professional development program (don’t be alarmed.... –

    it is one 3-hour workshop once every 4 years) as part of the requirements for academic staff to be listed on the approved register of supervisors.

    The attached document provides details of the background to development of the Workshop program, and identifies how it will be rolled out over the next few years.

    The next round of Supervisor Workshops will be presented on Tuesday, 17th February 2015 (9am -12) and Thursday, 19th February 2015 (9am -12)in the Murdoch Business School Building, rooms LL2.002.

    As per the roll-out information in the attached document, we require academic staff in your School who fall in to the first cohort for Workshop completion - i.e. all staff who are not eligible to act as a Principal Supervisor, and have not completed the EPS (Enhancing Postgraduate Supervision) program - to attend a workshop session before 1st March 2015 if they wish to continue to be eligible to supervise graduate research degree students after that date.

    Can the School Managers please circulate this information to all academic staff (and can GRDs provide advice to staff as may be appropriate), and ask them to determine if they need to complete a workshop session in this first round.

    Please ask Staff to contact Kellie O’Toole ( to register for one of the February sessions by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, 11th February 2015. Any queries can be directed to her.

  • Hard Copy Unit Readers / Lab Manuals

    The "hard copy” production and availability (via the Bookshop) of Unit Readers and Lab Manuals is vitally important and needs to be considered in the preparation of the delivery of a unit each semester....

    Whilst, in many cases, these materials are available electronically via the LMS or eReserve resources, we must make these materials available to students as a choice. Not only are these resources popular among students and provide a source of income for the University, the provision of choice forms part of our Equity obligation. (see attached Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2011-2015) Also available is the Student Disability Policy.

    ALL “hard copy” Readers and Lab Manuals produced are funded by the Student themselves. This is via retail sale in the campus Bookshop. A complimentary copy is sent to the Unit Coordinator for reference once the first production run is complete.

    There has been some miscommunication on the subject of “hard copy” production over the past few semesters so I would like to offer some clarity on the situation.

    In the first instance, Unit Readings need to be submitted to Murdoch Print as per the below workflow diagram (a pdf copy is attached for your reference). This will in-turn ensure your readings are made available in a clear, concise and chronological manner to the eReserve Team to ensure they are considered for upload to the eReserve system with priority being given to the first three sessions of semester. The rest will be subsequently uploaded ASAP.

    This should be supplied to Murdoch Print either in electronic or hard copy (or a combination) but you must consider the order in which the resources need to be reproduced (Session 1, Session 2…etc). This is key to the workflow working efficiently.

    Unit Readings Process

    "Hard Copy" unit readers are very comprehensive as adherence to the strict copyright obligations of the eReserve does not apply. Whilst you may choose to have a great deal of content (readings, journal articles etc) present in your "hard copy" reader, the restrictions of the electronic upload to eReserve must be considered. This will be "by consultation" with the eReserve team should you need guidance. Essentially, the "hard copy" comprehensive copy will be treated as the "source of truth" for the eReserve Team who may need to engage with you should there be any copyright issues arise.

    Murdoch Print will produce hard copies for your students to purchase from the Bookshop, send a COMPLIMENTARY copy to you for reference and will also forward a complete electronic copy of the Unit Reader to the eReserve Team to instigate the electronic upload workflow.

    Should you have any concerns, comments or require any further clarification, please feel free to contact me (Jeremy Colgan) on my mobile (0417 186 840) and I will assist wherever possible.

  • ARC Discovery Keywords and Deadline Reminder - message from Jane Crier  for action

    For those preparing ARC Discovery proposals please note a change in the application. Keywords are no longer required. The RMS system functionality will identify keywords from your text as per the Proposal summary, Proposal title, Impact statement, FoR codes and SEO codes...

    This information will be used to identify appropriate assessors for your Proposal. ARC Executive Directors and College of Experts members will continue to review the assessors suggested by the algorithm for best matches.


    We strongly encourage that completed applications are submitted to the Grants Office via RMS by the internal deadline. This will ensure that Grants Office staff have adequate capacity to carefully review each application for accuracy, completeness, and compliance with ARC guidelines and University policies, and that there is time to make the necessary revisions. Applications submitted by this deadline will be given priority over late submissions.

    Requests for Murdoch Contribution to your proposal should be submitted to by the 2nd February

    ARC Scheme RMS Open Grants Office Deadline for Final Proposal ARC Deadline
    Discovery Project December 2014 10th February 2015 4th March 2015
    DECRA Early February 2015 3rd March 2015 25th March 2015
    Discovery Indigenous January 2015 16th March 2015 1st April 2015
  • WA Department of Commerce - Innovation Vouchers Program 2015 - message from Jane Crier  for action

    Are you currently engaging with potential WA Industry partners?  Perhaps aiming for a future ARC Linkage proposal?....

    The WA Department of Commerce is inviting applications to its 2015 Innovation Vouchers program (link expired). The program enables WA industry to access professional skills, services or knowledge to enable them to advance their innovation or commercialisation activity in Western Australia. This opportunity is open to all areas of research.

    While researchers cannot directly apply, WA industry partners are eligible and this program provides them with up to $20K (on a 20:80 basis). This funding is ideal to cement a relationship and could open a pathway to greater involvement in an ARC Linkage application or other similar schemes. 

    Applications close on the 27th February 2015.

    Would like to know more? Then please contact Sam Dymond, Manager, Knowledge Transfer Office:; Tel: 9360 7481

  • Johnson and Johnson Innovation Collaborative Opportunity - message from Rolee Kumar  for action

    Johnson & Johnson Innovation is inviting researchers to submit projects that would qualify to be in the disease priority areas....

    The New Head of Asia Pacific Innovation Centre, Dong Wu and Kathy Connell, Director New Ventures ANZ from the Johnson and Johnson family of companies will be visiting Murdoch University as part of their R&D reconnaissance tour on morning of Monday, 23rd of February. The aim of the tour is for Dong to gain deeper appreciation of the research environment across Australia and get an understanding of research and track record of translational success at Murdoch University.

    The table below presents the research areas of interest to Johnson and Johnson Innovation.

    Disease Priorities Disease Priorities Disease Priorities Disease Priorities Disease Priorities
    Therapeutic Areas
    Neuroscience Alzheimer's Mood Pain (phase 2b only) Schizophrenia (phrase 2b only)
    Oncology Haematological malignancies Lung cancer Prostate cancer
    Cardio vascular metabolism Type 2 diabetes Thrombosis Heart failure
    Infectious Diseases/Vaccines Hep B Hep C HIV Influenza Vaccines for oncology/AD etc
    Immunology Rheumatoid Arthritis Irritable Bowel Disease Psoriasis Inflammatory Asthma Lupus

    In the neuroscience area, they are also interested in over the counter drugs to prevent disease i.e. Aspirin being used to stop dementia.
    In addition to the table above, new areas of research interest mentioned are in the medical devices:
    (i) Surgical and (ii) orthopaedic field; hip, knee and even breast implants.
    The other area of interest is in consumer health space looking at products in skin care (allergy and itch) and hair care (loss of hair growth/ retarding grey hair).   

    For more information on Johnson & Johnson Innovation collaborations please see link below ( .

    To initiate dialogue around research project, the first thing to do is to complete the attached Janssen’s translational research & innovation template (one pager). Please only provide non-confidential information and some level of proof of concept data is required. Please note the deadline for submissions is 5pm on Thursday, 12 February 2015. Please submit to Rolee Kumar If you have any questions, please call Rolee on ext 2076.

  • Australia-Malaysia Collaborative research program - message from Jane Crier  for action

    In November 2014, the Innovative Research Universities (IRU) and Malaysia Research University Network (MRUN) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with regard to research as well as teaching and learning....

    To support the objectives of the MoU, applications are invited from researchers from the IRU and MRUN to support existing collaborative activity.

    IRU members include: Murdoch University, Flinders University, La Trobe University, Griffith University, James Cook University and Charles Darwin University. MRUN universities include: Universiti Malaya (UM), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM).

    The maximum funding available is 60,000 Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) (approximately $20 000 AUD) per year with a maximum duration of three years.

    Research projects should fall within one or more of the broad fields of Health, Energy and Environment. Attached are the Funding Guidelines and Application Form for your consideration.

    Please note that the deadline for receipt of applications is Monday, 2 March 2015.

    For further information and submissions, please contact Jane Crier, Ext 2970 or

    Funding Guidelines

    Application Form

  • New Colombo Plan 2016 round *opening soon*

    The New Colombo Plan (NCP) 2016 funding round is fast approaching. For those who have not heard of the New Colombo Plan: It is a federal Government initiative to increase student mobility from Australia....

    to the Indo-Pacific region, for students studying on a short-term or semester/year long program but also for student doing inter- and mentorships. The Government will provide a total of $100 million over a 5 year period in scholarships and grants.

    Murdoch University had two very successful bidding rounds in 2014 ($38,500, 100% of what we bid for) and 2015 ($157,300, 72% of what we bid for) for Murdoch University . The Government has made some announcement and changes to the NCP 2016 round. It will open mid-March, with the circulation of the official guidelines, and possibly close at the end of May. As always, I circulate application information and collect completed applications and forward them to the Government. Funding offers are expected in August/September 2015 and expected to cover 2016 and possibly the first half of 2017, but this is yet to be determined and will be announced with the application information.

    With this in mind, we can start preparing applications for 2016. I have attached the information that was sent out last year, which can help you preparing your application and even create new programs.

    A few changed have been made since last year:

    • The Government will prioritise projects that meet all or a majority of NCP strategic objectives, including projects that support new mobility and strengthened partnerships, and facilitate longer-term study, language study and internships
    • The Government will prioritise projects that attract private sector in-kind or financial sponsorship (that goes beyond the provision of internships), to encourage collaboration between universities and the private sector
    • For the first time multi-year funding will be available for Mobility Projects that meet an additional criterion and are approved to run for more than one funding period (up to a total of three years). Up to 25 per cent of mobility funding will be directed towards multi-year projects . This is in particular interesting for Murdoch University as we have some well-established programs already.
    • We as a University will be asked to describe how proposed projects support increased student mobility that lifts knowledge of the Indo-Pacific, support new/strengthened partnerships, and promote the NCP and study in the region
    • Additional weighting will be available to those projects that support language acquisition, internships and private sector sponsorship
    • universities will be asked to provide evidence (in the form of a letter, email or contract) of any private sector sponsorship at the time of application.

    DFAT will visit Perth on Monday 16th March for a short 2 hour meeting to discuss recent changes to the NCP 2016 guidelines, any issues and . I will be attending and I will forward the invitation to you once received. It would be great to see some of you attending, the event is for free. It’s a great way to meet DFAT, to learn more about NCP and to discuss challenges with other WA Universities, that will also be attending.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact Jeannette Geesmann if you have further questions.  Ext 7836 or

    NCP 2016 Information for Staff

  • ARC DECRA and Discovery Indigenous NOW OPEN - message from Jane Crier  for action

    RMS is now open for DECRA and Discovery Indigenous.

    Instructions to applicants for both schemes are available on the ARC website – please follow the links in the ARC message below....

    Please note a change in the application. Keywords are no longer required. The RMS system functionality will identify keywords from your text as per the Proposal summary, Proposal title, Impact statement, FoR codes and SEO codes. This information will be used to identify appropriate assessors for your Proposal. ARC Executive Directors and College of Experts members will continue to review the assessors suggested by the algorithm for best matches.


    We strongly encourage that completed applications are submitted to the Grants Office via RMS by the internal deadline. This will ensure that Grants Office staff have adequate capacity to carefully review each application for accuracy, completeness, and compliance with ARC guidelines and University policies, and that there is time to make the necessary revisions. Applications submitted by this deadline will be given priority over late submissions.

    If you have yet to submit a request for Murdoch Contribution to your proposal, please do so by Friday 6th February 2015 to using the attached form.

    ARC Scheme RMS Open Grants Office Deadline for Final Proposal ARC Deadline
    Discovery Project December 2014 10th February 2015 4th March 2015
    DECRA Early February 2015 3rd March 2015 25th March 2015
    Discovery Indigenous January 2015 16th March 2015 1st April 2015
  • Mineral Law NTRB Scholarship for 2015/16 round

    Aurora is hoping in 2015 to once again offer two scholarships to undertake a Masters of Mineral Law and Policy at the University of Dundee in Scotland. The scholarships have been renamed the Mineral Law NTRB Scholarships (formerly known as the Australian Government Rio Tinto NTRB Scholarships) and will be open to lawyers who are currently working or interested in working in the NTRB system....

    Aurora is currently awaiting the outcome of a funding application to PM&C through the Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS), which will determine whether or not we will continue offering the Scholarship Program. We expect to hear from PM&C in the coming 6 weeks. It is important to note that Rio Tinto, which had partially funded the Program since inception, has decided not to continue supporting the Program going forward.

    If PM&C agrees to fund the Program, the two scholarships will once again cover all the expenses involved in undertaking a one year Master of Laws (approximately A$55,000) and will be open to any Australian resident with a law degree. It is hoped that PM&C will also agree to continue to provide an additional A$15,000 towards the living expenses of each scholarship recipient who is working within the NTRB system at the time they receive the scholarship.

    In all likelihood, the successful candidates will be required to commit to work within the NTRB system for a minimum period of two years on completion of their studies, and possibly longer, depending on the outcome of discussions with PM&C.

    On-line applications will open on the day after we (hopefully) receive positive notification from PM&C and will stay open for 4 weeks. We anticipate this to be in mid/late March (TBC).

    Further information, as well as the on-line application process, can be found at:

    For further information on the LLM in Mineral Law and Policy Program please visit:

    The Program commences in September 2015.

    If you have any questions, please email us at and for more information on the Aurora Project please visit: Attached is the flyer.

  • Staff News and Events [Expand All] | [Collapse All]

  • Congratulations to Dr Rob Dobson 

    Rob has been working with Brown Besier, from the WA Dept. of Ag. Albany, and the Moredun Research Institute (Scotland UK) on control of Haemonch in sheep by vaccination....

    His role (Murdoch’s role) in this project (PARAVAC) was mainly epidemiological modelling and some data analysis (see abstract below from WAAVP 2013 in Perth). The project was an outstanding success as the vaccine has been registered with the APVMA and the product (Barbervax) was launched in October 2014 in Armidale NSW.

    "The release in October of the new “Barbervax” vaccine against Barbers Pole worm gives the sheep industries a new weapon in the fight against an old foe. This provides a major alternative to drench-based control, and will help manage drench resistance. After many years of research in Scotland by the Moredun Research Institute, and recent collaboration with the Department of Agriculture and Food in Western Australia, the world’s first sheep worm vaccine, and the first gut worm vaccine of any kind, has been produced.

    Barbervax will be of particular benefit in the major Barbers Pole-endemic regions, where frequent drenching is usually necessary to prevent sheep deaths, and where anthelmintic resistance has severely reduced drench options. The vaccine was launched in Armidale in the NSW Northern Tablelands, where resistance to the majority of drench classes occurs on most properties, and long-acting drench types often no longer provide prolonged protection.

    Barbervax is now registered for use in lambs, and is given as a series of 5 subcutaneous injections of 1 ml, at approximately 6-week intervals over the Barbers Pole worm-risk season (in the Tablelands, generally December to April). In most cases, the first vaccination will be given at lamb marking, and the second injection 3-5 weeks later. Following the third vaccination, generally at weaning, protection against the development of significant Barbers Pole burdens lasts for at least 6 weeks. In most cases, a drench at weaning would also be given, to ensure that the vaccine is not over-whelmed by existing Barbers Pole burdens, and to control other worms such as Trichostrongylus (black scour worm)."

  • Semester 1 Academic Induction on Tuesday, 17th February - message from Mike Bryant 

    The following are the details of the Semester 1 Murdoch Academic Induction.  This has been arranged for....

    Tuesday, February 17th from 9.00am to 12.30pm AWST at South Street, Chancellery 3.001B.

    The morning will consist of familiarisation with what’s available to support research and learning and teaching at the university, and networking opportunities including getting to know the key contacts for academic staff. Please note that the session runs in parallel with Orientation and School-based induction arrangements and does not replace these.

    We will be arranging to make the contents of the session available to colleagues who are newly appointed to transnational campuses.

     Staff on new fixed term or continuing academic appointments since 1 August 2014, will shortly receive an invitation to sign up for the session on TCMS.  It is important that you make the effort to attend.

  • All school vehicles relocation - message from Michael Taylor

    Please be advised that ALL School Vehicle keys & booking diaries have been moved to one location.....

      Please see THIS document for details.

  • L&T Strategy Consultation - message from Sara de Freitas  for action

    This year we will be celebrating 40 years of graduating students from Murdoch – an outstanding landmark for our traditions of high quality learning and teaching....

    We are deeply proud of the quality of learning and teaching at Murdoch University but are committed to further development of our learning and teaching reputation internationally and are keen to promote greater innovation.

    To facilitate our planning for the next five years we have undertaken a long period of consultation with staff, as a result of this consultation, it gives me great pleasure to announce that we have our first draft of the much awaited Learning and Teaching strategy. The strategy marks a watershed in our history coming as it does at the crest of our fortieth anniversary, providing us with a vision for how learning and teaching will develop over the next five years.

    If you would like to make comments on this draft and have substantive feedback to the document, we ask you to download the strategy and complete the web form Submissions can be made through your School or Business Unit – or as an individual.

    We welcome the strategy and thank all the staff and students who have contributed to the process of developing it through the Conversation events last year and staff workshops. The final version of the document will be published with supporting web resources at the end of March and we will be calling for academic position papers in support of the strategy at that time.

  • Welcome to new HR Advisor

    Please extend a warm welcome to Dan Griffiths, who has recently joined the HR Office as an HR Advisor....

    Dan will be the primary HR contact for the following areas within the University, namely:

    • Molecular and Biomedical Sciences (VLS)
    • Agricultural Sciences (VLS)
    • Environmental and Conservation Sciences (VLS)
    • Student Services (ARO)
    • Student Registry (ARO)
    • Strategy, Quality and Analytics (ARO)
    • Academic Policy Coordination (ARO)

    The team will be taking him around your areas for a meet & greet in the upcoming weeks.

    We are still working on setting Dan up with a contact number, but meanwhile he can be reached on his email or via the HR Reception on ext. 2430

  • Science on the Swan meeting - Thursday 29th January 2015 - message from Phil Nicholls 

    The Science on the Swan meeting 21st -23rd April, Perth Convention Centre, is a collaborative venture between all five WA universities....

    The theme is ‘Hot Topics in Life Course and Development’.

    Do note that abstract submission closes March 1st and early registration closes February 28th, changing from $275 to $400. This is a good chance to take part in a quality international life sciences meeting right on our doorstep.
    Do get in touch if you wish to organise a pre or post conference workshop.

  • Welcome to new Technical Staff  

    Ms Liza Parkinson joins VLS as part of our Technical Team....

    Liza is no stranger to Murdoch, having worked here in various capacities in the past.

    Please make Liza feel welcome.

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  • Safety in Research and Teaching Workshop  for action

    The Safety in Research and Teaching Workshop will be held on
    Thursday, 26 February 2015 in the Kim Beazley Lecture Theatre....

    This workshop is for all new honours, new post graduate, new post-doctoral personnel, and new staff. Others are also welcome as an update to training and information on current codes and legislation. There is no cost involved. If you supervise someone who has not done this training please bring it to their attention.

    This workshop introduces issues related to safety in research and teaching including Occupational Health and Safety, Ethics and Integrity, fieldwork as well as laboratory safety.

    Session 1, before morning tea, is relevant to all areas of the university. Sessions 2 and 3 are aimed at more specialised needs, and in some instances this training may be a requirement before obtaining approval to commence a particular project/research.

    Workshop Sessions

    Thursday, 26 February 2015

    8:00am Late registrations
    8:30am Welcome
    8:45am Occupational Safety and Health
    9:15am Research Ethics and Integrity
    9:45am Insurance
    10:00am Fieldwork Introduction

    10:30am Morning Tea

    11:00am Fieldwork Science
    11:30am Laboratory Safety
    12:00noon Biosafety
    12:30pm Radiation Safety

    12:45pm Break for lunch

    1:45pm Chemical Safety

    Supervisors must ensure that all personnel for whom they are responsible are aware of this requirement.

    Bookings are essential as places are limited and for catering purposes. Send your completed registration forms to:

    SRTC Timetable

    SRTC Registration Form

Jobs and Volunteering Opportunities [Expand All] | [Collapse All]

  • 2015 Feb CareerConnect Newsletter from the Murdoch University Careers and Employment Team

    Here is the first CareerConnect newsletter for 2015....

    Our February edition of CareerConnect features:
    - success stories from a Post-graduate (International) Development student and recent Engineering graduate;
    - a reminder about the 2015 MSEL Student Leadership Program;
    - “The Big Meet” Careers Expo (March 6);
    - Careers Week on-campus activities for ALL students (March 9 - 13);
    - current Graduate and Student jobs and;
    - useful Job Search links.

    Hope you have a great year.

    Warm regards
    Careers and Employment Team

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