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  • US-Australia Enabling Technologies Technical Exchange Meeting - Request for Proposals for action

    Under the auspices of the 2015 United States-Australia Joint Commission Meeting (JCM) on Science and Technology, an Enabling Technologies Technical Exchange Meeting will be held in Arlington, Virginia in May 2015...

    The purpose of the technical exchange is to explore and potentially build basic research collaborations between the US and Australia. The three overarching technical thrusts are: Materials Science, Physics, and Biomedical Sciences.

    US participation will include the Department of Defense, National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation as well as academic researchers. Australian researchers are now invited to submit abstracts for inclusion in the program. Efforts will be made to identify possible new areas of potential collaboration between Australian and US participants.

    Australian participants are requested to provide bios (preferably with photos) and technical abstracts of your research to the Embassy of Australia by no later than 13 February 2015. This information will be used to identify and invite potential US participants to the technical exchange. Jane Crier, Manager, Research Grants and Contract Services,  will co-ordinate submissions.

    + more information

  • AMPC Request for Proposals 2015-16  for action

    Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC) is open for project proposals and funding in FY2015-16...

    The Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC) is the Rural Research and Development Corporation that supports the red meat processing industry throughout Australia. AMPC’s mandate is to provide research, development, extension and marketing services that improve industry sustainability, productivity and profitability.

    Each year AMPC works with its members and other industry stakeholders to select investment priorities that are linked to AMPC strategies and member needs. This year AMPC have provided those investment needs by Core AMPC Program to solicit responses for funding in FY 2015-16. Those programs are:

    1. Technology & Processing
    2. Environment & Sustainability
    3. Food Safety, Product Integrity & Meat Science
    4. Implementation, Extension & Education

    Further information is available on the AMPC website. Applications will close on Monday, February 23rd 2015.

    Each of the attached program packs includes an introduction to the Request for Proposal (RFP) process and a summary of the composition of each program by stream. Each RFP is given a unique RFP identification number to enable researchers to respond to specific proposals by completing the Preliminary Research Proposal (PRP) form. Details on how to complete PRPs for funding are provided in the cover letter.

    AMPC would encourage providers to contact their Program Managers listed in the documents above, to seek out any additional information regarding the scope of RFPs or the completion of PRPs. Although the RFPs outline key investment priorities for AMPC, they also encourage researchers to submit other proposals in PRP format that they believe would be of demonstrable value to industry.

    Please ensure your completed Preliminary Research Proposals are submitted by the above closing date.

  • Research Funding Opportunity: Michelson Prize & Grants for action

    Research funding is available to the development of a single-dose, permanent, nonsurgical sterilant product or technology for use in male and female cats and dogs...

    The Michelson Prize & Grants  is an international program open to any entity, including academic institutions, biotechnology firms, research institutes, and well-qualified individuals or groups. To qualify for a Michelson Grant, a proposed project must pursue a technology, mechanism, or pathway representing an innovative approach to nonsurgical sterilization. Scientists from a diverse range of fields are encouraged to apply.

    The first step to apply for a Michelson Grant is submission of a letter of intent. Letters of intent are accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis and, if approved, researchers are invited to submit grant proposals for a March, July, or November deadline.

    Please contact Pamela Davis if you have any questions about the program.

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  • Special Feature of the 'Journal of Ecology' on Forest resilience

    An exciting new Special Feature has been published by the Journal of Ecology (‘Forest Resilience, Tipping Points and Global Change Processes’, Volume 103, Issue 1, 2015: hyperlink )...

    It was the result of collaborations between Dr Niels Brouwers from the Centre of Excellence for Climate Change, Woodland and Forest Health based at the School of Veterinary and Life Sciences, Murdoch University, and Dr’s Christopher Reyer, Anja Rammig and Fanny Langerwisch from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany.

    The Special Feature includes seven papers with contributions from Dr’s Niels Brouwers and Rachel Standish from the school of VLS. The Special Feature aims at fostering a better understanding of forest resilience and the approach of potential tipping points under local and global environmental change. The focus of this Special Feature is deliberately broad to reflect the variety of methods and spatio-temporal scales used in this field of research.

    The papers presented in this Special Feature include plot-level observational (Standish et al. 2015; Camarero et al. 2015; Jakovac et al. 2015), experimental (Holmgren et al. 2015), paleo-ecological (Cole et al. 2015), and global modelling (Steinkamp & Hickler 2015) studies, as well as a synthesis paper covering the current state of affairs in forest resilience and tipping point research (Reyer & Brouwers et al. 2015).

    The synthesis paper and the collected studies show that resilience is a useful concept to understand ecosystem change. It is, however, often unclear how and if local and global change processes reduce resilience and/or whether they lead to a tipping point. We therefore have to continue to develop a better understanding of the mechanisms and feedback loops involved in forest dynamics and change (Reyer & Brouwers et al. 2015).

    For more information, contact Niels Brouwers .

  • Calling passionate scientists to win a trip to the UK! for action

    Murdoch University is looking for passionate early career researchers with a peer-reviewed discovery to present their science as part of the 2015 FameLab competition...

    The competition is open to all honours students, graduate students or up to 5 years post-PhD, and researching in any field of science, maths or engineering.

    FameLab is an international flagship communications competition designed to encourage scientists to engage and entertain by breaking down science, technology and engineering concepts into three minute presentations. It is backed by the British Council with national winners taking part in the grand final at the Cheltenham Science Festival in June 2015.

    WA based FameLab finalists will be invited to take part in a one day media and communication training workshop, run by Fresh Science. Over the day, WA finalists will learn how to see the story in their science, which is a skill useful not just for the media, but also for grant applications, talking to other stakeholders and even down at the pub!

    Two WA finalists will be selected to take part in the national competition to represent Australia in the grand final at the Cheltenham Science Festival. The national event will include four days of interactive workshops to perfect your pitch with help from experts in communication and presentation, and FreshScience will tell the media and science community about your work!

    Applying is easy. Applicants need to:
    • Tell us about your work in this short online form on the British Council website – opens on the 27th January 2015
    • Show your passion in a simple 2 minute video – nothing fancy, a smartphone will do – explaining your discovery
    Apply by the 27 February 2015.

    Interested? Please contact Jane Crier, Tel: 9360 2970. 

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  • VLS new academic appointments

    We welcome Dr Susie Lillis back to Murdoch as Senior Lecturer in Diagnostic Imaging...

    022_SusieLillis.jpegSusie studied Vet Science at Murdoch before completing an internship at Melbourne and her residency training in Diagnostic Imaging at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Susie has worked as a Veterinary Radiologist in the USA, the UK and in Australia – she very kindly helped us out in 2010 and 2011 when our DI department was very short-staffed.

    Susie has Board Certification with the American College of Veterinary Radiology, an MVS from Melbourne and a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education from the University of Liverpool. It is very gratifying to see our own students returning to Murdoch to work and we look forward to working with her again!

  • Welcome to new Admin staff

    Ms Gretchen McSharry will be commencing this week as Academic Support Officer...

    Many of you will remember Gretchen, who worked for the VLS School before. She will be located in the Biological Building. Please make Gretchen feel welcome to Murdoch and to the VLS School.

  • Asset movements for action

    If you had any staff/office movements or change of custodians recently and have not yet completed an asset movement form (single or bulk request)...

    Have any staff left and the custodian details of assets previously utilised by them has changed? Please complete an Asset Movement form and send it to: Finance Officer, Fixed Assets, Chancellery Level 3. Stocktakes will always be easier if a review of asset movements is undertaken regularly and Central Finance records updated.

    The Fixed Asset Movement and Change of Ownership Policy 1103a details the requirement (this will require you to log in with your Murdoch staff number and password).

  • Public lectures - message to all VLS academic staff for action

    Are you giving any form of public lecture?...

    Please send the details (when and to whom) to Fiona Feist, Executive Business Manager. The school is keen to leverage off these events to attract students, collaboration, grants etc.

  • Clinical waste disposal

    We would like to reinforce to VLS staff and Vet clinic staff and students the need to dispose of clinical waste into the correct bin type...

    Clinical waste must be disposed of appropriately and not using the general waste bag. It is important to exercise special caution in the handling and managing of clinical waste in order to minimize its potential danger. Specific quality control measures apply to this type of waste.

    Cleaners have been advised to ensure that any disposed clinical type waste found within the general/recycle waste streams is to be photographed and reported to her/his site manager who in turn will escalate.

  • Unit readers - message to the VLS Academics - from A/Prof John Bailey for action

    As we approach Semester 1 and therefore unit materials are being finalised, please remember that unit readers are no longer provided to students...

    The Bookshop uses a 'print on demand' approach for unit readers requested by students. If required, a small number can be printed for tutors.

    Thank you.

    A/Prof John Bailey
    Associate Dean Learning and Teaching

Seminars, Conferences and Workshops [Expand All] | [Collapse All]

  • Call for Papers: 3rd Annual International Conference on Advances in Veterinary Science Research (VETSCI 2015)

    The Conference aims to explore the latest international developments in the research of animal health, behaviour, care, management, disease prevention, disease treatment and cure...

    Important Dates:
    Full Paper Submission Deadline: 29 May 2015
    Conference Dates: 26 - 27 October 2015
    Where: Bangkok, Thailand

    The conference will provide an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to exchange information on current advancements in the study and practice of Veterinary Science.

    + more information

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