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Medical and Molecular Sciences

Dr Sam Abraham
Dr Sam Abraham Email me My profile
9360 2054Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Medical Infectious DiseaseVeterinary Biology2.036
Associate Professor Murray Adams
Associate Professor Murray Adams Email me My profile
9360 6293Associate Professor in HaematologyVeterinary Biology3.027
Dr Amanda Ash Email me My profile 9360 2729Lecturer in ParasitologyVeterinary Biology3.005
Professor Cassandra Berry
Professor Cassandra Berry Email me My profile
9360 2267Professor ImmunologyVeterinary Biology2.032
Associate Professor Max Cake
Associate Professor Max Cake Email me My profile
9360 2368Emeritus ProfessorBiological Sciences2.021
Mr Brendan Chapman
Mr Brendan Chapman Email me My profile
9360 2270Lecturer in Forensic ScienceVeterinary Clinical Sciences2.013
Dr Shane Colley Email me 9360 6391Lecturer in Molecular PathologyVeterinary Biology2.018
Professor Geoffrey Coombs
Professor Geoffrey Coombs Email me My profile
9360 2259Professor of Public HealthBiological Sciences2.037
Dr Jim Cummins Email me 0402810988Adjunct Senior LecturerVeterinary Biology1.004
Dr Andrew Currie
Dr Andrew Currie Email me My profile
9360 7426Senior Lecturer in ImmunologyVeterinary Biology3.043
Dr Robert Dobson Email me 9360 7423Adjunct Senior LecturerVBPG Transportable
Dr Sarah Etherington
Dr Sarah Etherington Email me My profile
9360 6708Senior Lecturer in PhysiologyVeterinary Biology2.042
Associate Professor Wayne Greene
Associate Professor Wayne Greene Email me My profile
9360 2545Leader of Medical and Molecular SciencesVeterinary Biology3.041
Dr Evan Ingley
Dr Evan Ingley Email me My profile
9360 6391Lecturer in Clinical BiochemistryVeterinary Biology2.018
Dr Dan Knight
Dr Dan Knight Email me My profile
+618 64574092Post Doctoral Research Fellow (NHMRC Early Career Fellow)Veterinary Biology
Professor David Macey
Professor David Macey Email me My profile
0404074452Emeritus ProfessorVeterinary Clinical Sciences2.012
Ms Anita MacLeman Email me 9360 2426Technician (Anatomical Pathology)Veterinary Biology2.001B
Dr Paola Magni
Dr Paola Magni Email me My profile
9360 7563Lecturer Forensic ScienceVeterinary Clinical Sciences2.012
Dr Garth Maker
Dr Garth Maker Email me My profile
9360 1288Senior Lecturer in BiochemistryBiological Sciences3.035
Mrs Josie Mansfield Email me 9360 6379Research OfficerVeterinary Biology3.035
Dr Ian Mullaney Email me My profile 9360 1236Senior Lecturer in PharmacologyBiological Sciences2.031
Associate Professor Philip Nicholls
Associate Professor Philip Nicholls Email me My profile
9360 2599Deputy DeanLoneragan3.036H
Dr Philip O'Brien Email me 9360 2785Honorary FellowScience and Computing1.050
Dr Charlotte Oskam
Dr Charlotte Oskam Email me My profile
9360 6349Senior Lecturer AnatomyScience and Computing1.048
Professor Ian Potter Email me My profile 92398801Emeritus ProfessorFremantle Maritime (FPA)2.003
Dr Wayne Reeve
Dr Wayne Reeve Email me My profile
9360 2631Senior Lecturer in Molecular MicrobiologyBiological Sciences3.031
Dr Shafi Sahibzada Email me 9360 7467Research FellowBiological Sciences2.047C
Associate Professor James Speers
Associate Professor James Speers Email me My profile
9360 7414Associate Professor in Forensic ScienceVeterinary Clinical Sciences2.011
Dr Phil Stumbles
Dr Phil Stumbles Email me My profile
9360 6201Senior Lecturer in PathologyVeterinary Biology2.004
Dr Jason Terpolilli
Dr Jason Terpolilli Email me My profile
9360 6104Lecturer Biochemistry and Systems BiologyBiological Sciences3.033
Professor Andrew Thompson
Professor Andrew Thompson Email me My profile
9360 2466Part-Time TeachingVeterinary Biology3.003
Dr Andrew Thompson Email me 9360 6815Associate Professor in Animal Production SystemsVeterinary Biology3.025
Dr Ravi Tiwari
Dr Ravi Tiwari Email me My profile
9360 2202Senior Lecturer in Molecular BiologyBiological Sciences3.015
Dr Penghao Wang Email me My profile 9360 2282Lecturer in BiostatisticsBiological Sciences1.010
Dr Natalie Warburton
Dr Natalie Warburton Email me My profile
9360 7658Senior Lecturer AnatomyVeterinary Biology1.010
Mr Ali Zahedi Abdi Email me 9360 2312P/T Teaching CasualScience and Computing1.051