Dr Cobus Raath

Adjunct Associate Professor, School of VLS
Veterinarian and Founder -

Dr Raath qualified with a BVSc degree from Ondersterpoort Veterinary faculty in South Africa in 1985. After which, he spent the first 11 years of his working life as the veterinarian for the National Parks Board of South Africa, stationed in Kruger National Park. He managed 3 departments: Veterinary research, Disease investigation and Control and Wildlife Relocations. He worked in 18 different National Parks in South Africa and 12 countries in Africa.

He left Kruger National Park in 1996 and set up a company specializing in eco-system health, game capture and relocation, applied research, emergency wildlife medicine and technology transfer through Conservation Medicine Courses and internships. To date, he has had well over 1000 students from 22 different countries through his courses, which are presented on his game farm just east of the Kruger National Park.

He is also the director and principal researcher of Wildlife Pharmaceuticals RSA, a subsidiary company of Wildlife Pharmaceuticals USA, a company that develops and distributes pharmaceutical preparations for wildlife. And is actively researching and developing drugs and drug delivery for wildlife.

He was appointed as the consulting veterinarian to the Peace Parks Foundation, an NGO that facilitates the establishment of Trans Frontier Conservation Areas. He has also been appointed an extraordinary lecturer at Onderstepoort Veterinary Faculty and an adjunct professor at Texas A&M University.