Bec Donaldson

Bec Donaldson

Project Officer, Conservation Medicine Program

Donaldson_Bec.jpgBec is Project Officer for the Conservation Medicine Program, and Tutor in VET630 (Conservation Medicine) for the Master of Veterinary Studies in Conservation Medicine degree. Her research has included the social behaviour and behavioural ecology of native wildlife, with a focus on social behaviour, ecology and impacts of human interactions on dolphins and dugongs, and the foraging ecology of native marsupials. In addition to university research, she has undertaken consultancies and short term contracts for industry and government agencies, looking at the potential impacts of ‘eco-tourism’, port developments and other human activities on wildlife in Australia, Africa and the Southern Ocean. She is an investigator for the Coastal and Estuarine Dolphin Project, a research collaboration addressing the health, ecology and conservation of dolphins in the Perth region.

Bec is also passionate about effective and innovative community-level environmental education. She has coordinated multi-year community awareness-raising initiatives including the federally-funded education campaign Keep Perth’s dolphins and sea lions wild – a collaboration with WA business Rockingham Wild Encounters, local councils and the WA Department of Environment and Conservation, which won a national CoastCare award for raising awareness of the risks of hand-feeding Perth’s marine mammals. Within the Conservation Medicine Program she has coordinated the ‘Envirofriends’ initiative, a schools-based pilot environmental education program built around endangered species, which the Conservation Medicine Program is keen to expand across the state.

Photo credit for first and last photos, Mr Doug Coughran, DEC.