Murdoch Online Veterinary Education (MOVE) Webinar Series

MOVE provides opportunities for veterinarians to participate in live and interactive small animal sessions that are presented by leading specialists in their field. From home or work, veterinarians have been able to attend one hour interactive lectures on topics applicable to everyday practice. All sessions are also archived so if you are unable to attend or get called away during the presentation, you will be able to review it at a later time.

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Date Topic Presenter
Sept 19th

How to reduce mortality in your daily anaesthesia practice - Gain insight into the latest scientific findings on the causes of anaesthesia related morbidity and mortality in small animal practice. Most findings suggest that it is primarily peri-anaesthetic management, which increases or decreases the risk for small animal patients. This seminar will explore easy ways to avoid this situation in everyday anaesthetic routines.

Dr Martina Mosing


Previous topics

Feb 28th Tick the box – What’s new in Vector-borne diseases?
The Lyme disease-like illness in people and animals has been receiving a great deal of media attention recently. What is the real situation and what is the latest regarding vector-borne companion animal diseases in Australia.
Professor Peter Irwin

Administering chemotherapy in general practice and common pitfalls in veterinary cancer management: Administering chemotherapy in practice can be daunting. In this webinar we'll cover the health and safety aspects of chemotherapy administration for you, your colleagues and pet owners. We'll review the drugs you are most likely to encounter in general practice and cover practical aspects of safe patient administration. We'll touch on what to do when things don't go according to plan and how to avoid some of the common pitfalls that complicate cancer management.

Dr Shasta Lynch
April 12th Elbow dysplasia in dogs (diagnosis and management)
Elbow dysplasia is one of the most common causes of forelimb lameness in young dogs. This case-based discussion will focus on the early diagnosis and management of elbow dysplasia, with an update on the current literature and surgical options.
Dr Mark Newman
May 23rd Fluid Therapy – choices in trauma and shock
Gone are the days when giving a fluid bolus was as simple as calculating the volume you wanted to give. More and more evidence is accumulating as to the adverse effects of blood products and artificial colloid fluids. In the last few years, questions are being raised as to whether large volume crystalloid fluids are also harmful. Certain types of crystalloids may also have particular adverse effects. So how should we treat shock? This presentation will give an overview of the recent evidence concerning fluid bolus and transfusion therapy in small animals and give practical advice on what options we should be considering for our patients.
Dr Lisa Smart
June 13th Urinalysis interpretation: how to squeeze out the maximum information from a small sample. An overview on performing urinalysis and interpreting the results including USG, dipstick and microscopic examination will be covered. Dr Gabriele Rossi
July 18th Problem-Oriented Medical Diagnosis (POMD) - Case based session presenting a complicated case (or cases) and discussing how to approach and deal with all of the different problems in the one patient. Dr Alexa Brown
August 22nd How....She's been speyed? This webinar will focus on the diagnosis and management of medium to long term complications seen in speyed bitches such as granulomas and ovarian remnants, including a refresher on vaginal exams and cytology. Associate Professor Pete Irons

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