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2018 Calendar

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Date Event Topic Location
24th Jan DermClub 1 Cutaneous infestations/infections:
Malassezia dermatitis
Mudoch University
6th - 9th February CAVE Clinical Skills Week 4 Day CPD event with hands on activities Murdoch University
6th Feb Skills Week Anaesthesia &  Emergency and Critical Care Day Murdoch University
7th Feb Skills Week Clinical Pathology Day Murdoch University
8th Feb Skills Week Surgery Day Murdoch University
9th Feb Skills Week Dermatlogy Day Murdoch University
20th Feb MOVE Acute abdominal distention


7th Mar Get Engaged Murdoch Remote Outreach Murdoch University
13th Mar MOVE Treating canine and feline lymphoma Murdoch University
14th Mar DermClub 2 Cutaneous infestations/infections: New concepts in staphylococcal infection - microbiome and biofilms The Saint George Hotel
10th Apr MOVE Adjusting anaesthesia in real time
8th May MOVE Improving outcomes in canine patellar luxation Online
9th May DermClub 3 Allergic disease diagnosis: atopic disease versus contact allergy
Murdoch University
25th May Mental Health Mental Health Symposium Murdoch University
30th May Vet Nurse CPD Stabilising the Emergency Patient
Murdoch University
12th Jun MOVE Acute kidney injury Murdoch University
27th Jun Vet Nurse CPD Approach to pruritus in the dog and cat Murdoch University
18th Jul DermClub 4 Allergic disease management:
prednisolone vs ciclosporin
The Saint George Hotel
24th Jul MOVE Coagulation testing in practice Online
1st Aug Vet Nurse CPD Interpretation of bloods in the emergency situation Murdoch University
14th Aug MOVE Approach to acute diarrhoea in the era of faecal PCR Murdoch University
22nd Aug Get Engaged Effective Feedback in the Clinical Setting Murdoch University
4th Sep MOVE Pain management in ophthalmology cases Online
12th Sep DermClub 5 Allergic disease management: oclacitinib vs lokivetmab Murdoch University
30th Oct MOVE Management of chronic pruritus in the dog and cat Online
13th Nov MOVE Approach to fever Online
14th -15th Nov Arthroscopy Principles of Arthroscopy Murdoch University
16th-17th Nov Arthroscopy Arthroscopy - Advanced Workshop Murdoch University
21st Nov DermClub 6 Otitis externa: refractory and recurrent cases The Saint George Hotel