Visitors and Adjuncts

Process and Application Form for Adjunct, Honorary and Emeriti Appointments
Please see information below for staff wanting to nominate someone for an Honorary/Adjunct Position with Murdoch University and the School of Veterinary and Life Sciences.
Attached here is the ‘Application Form for Adjunct, Honorary and Emeriti Appointments 2018’ as well as links to the three formal policy documents that support this process.
The process is the same if staff want to nominate someone for their first Adjunct Appointment or if this is a reapplication for a further term as an Adjunct (standard term is three years for most appointments).

Honorary Titles and Appointments Guidelines
• Honorary Titles and Appointments Policy
• Honorary Titles and Appointments Procedure

Staff need to ensure they complete the attached application form (up to the section where the Dean must sign) then the form needs to be sent back to Sarah Grundy (details below) in word format, along with a full CV for the person they are nominating, please ensure the CV includes all publications if relevant.
Please ignore the section asking for a letter to be prepared – this part is managed at the School office level.

Once the completed form and CV are received, the Dean will then review the application. Once approved, it will then be sent to the DVC R&I Professor David Morrison for final review or to the VC if it is a ‘Professor’ Level or Emeritus application.

If authorised, it will then be forwarded to the Office of People and Culture, where the application will be processed and offer/appointment documentation will be sent via email to the person who was nominated.

This process takes approximately four weeks from the time the application is received, so please bear this in mind when completing the application form.

Contact for Adjunct queries in the School is:

Sarah Grundy
PA to Professor Richard Harper | Dean
PA to Michelle Paul Davie | Executive Business Manager
 Phone 08 9360 2488 |  Email