Sport Psychology and Sport Expertise Research Group

This research group includes academics and students interested in topics related to sport psychology and sport expertise. Example topics of interest to the group include; athlete well-being, psychological skills, expertise group and individual differences, as well as perceptual-motor skill learning and transfer. The group is interested in a variety of performance domains such as circus, cricket, baseball, motor racing, field hockey, Australian football, to name a few.

Objectives of the group are:

(a) To extend applied scientific knowledge of sports performance, learning and transfer across the novice to expert skill continuum.
(b) To disseminate applied research findings to enable coaches and high performance staff to identify and develop athletes.

Group Members

Dr. Fleur van Rens – Murdoch University
Dr. Sean Muller – Murdoch University
Dr. Simon Rosalie – Curtin University
Mr. Benjamin Piggott – University of Notre Dame
Dr. Vance Locke – Murdoch University
Mr. Matthew Burgin – Head Psychologist Western Australian Cricket Association

Mr. John Brenton – PhD Candidate
Mr. Khaya Morris-Binelli – PhD Candidate
Ms. Laurel Hong - Honours
Mrs. Shirleen Caplice – Honours
Mr. Stephen Moore – Honours

If you are interested in being part of the group contact Dr. Sean Muller, email: