School of Psychology and Exercise Science Research seminars (SPESReS)

Semester 2, 2018

Time: 12.30 - 13.30
Days: Fridays, approximately fortnightly
Venue: Kim Beazley Lecture Theatre (351.1.001)
Convener: Libby Brook,, 9360 2637

Date Presenter Topic Host
Thursday 13th September Mr Severi Luoto (PhD Candidate - University of Auckland) A Life History Approach to the Female Sexual Orientation Spectrum: Evolution, Development, Causal Mechanisms, and Health
NOTE: This seminar is 12:30–13:20 on Thursday 13th September in ECL3 (460.3.030)
Dr David Lewis

To arrange an appointment with a presenter, please contact his or her host.

Semester 1, 2018

Date Presenter Topic Host

23rd Feb

Prof Stephan Swinnen (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)

Age-related changes in structural and functional brain connectivity and effects on bimanual behavior
Note: The venue for this seminar is ECL Postgrad Teaching Space (460.2.031)

Dr Hak Fujiyama
9th March Dr David Lewis (Murdoch University) Lumbar curvature: Evolution and standards of attractiveness Dr Matt Thompson
23rd March Dr Kandice Varcin (Telethon Kids Institute) Autism Spectrum Disorder in the earliest years of life: New approaches to identification and intervention Dr Urte Roeber
13th April Trish Cain (Murdoch University) New options for quantification: Introducing the Fat Attitudes Assessment Toolkit Libby Brook
4th May Prof Bill Thompson (Macquarie University) Rediscovering our lost selves: Therapeutic uses of music for individuals with neurological impairment Dr Jon Prince
18th May Dr Lynette Vernon The Role of Problematic Technology Use for Adolescents: The Importance of Sleep for Wellbeing Dr Helen Correia