Using a headache diary as an educational tool

Researchers Vanessa Birkenshaw, Bree van de Zuidwind, Ioannis Svarnou, Philippa Groom and Hinke van Gelder

Supervisors Professor Peter Drummond

Date: 11th June , 2010

An electronic headache diary was used to examine awareness, knowledge, self efficacy, locus of control and headache management in 16 headache sufferers over several months. Contrary to expectations, there were no increases in self efficacy, locus of control, awareness or knowledge about headaches as result of receiving information and completing the e-headache diary. Also it was found that there were no statistically significant decreases in headache frequency and no increases in self efficacy in the group of respondents in the headache education group. Future studies might benefit from brief simple and reliable questionnaires and collecting headache data over a longer period in a larger subject population.