Title: Store, donate or discard: The attitudes of couples with children towards embryo storage

Study completed: 2012
Researcher: Melinda Thompson
Supervisor: Dr Suzanne Dziurawiec
Ethics approval Number: 2012/067

Research suggests that the embryo disposition decision is very difficult and emotionally stressful for couples who have undergone IVF treatment. This decision may become more complex once the couples have had children. Limited research is available concerning the views of couples towards embryo storage and the other options for supernumerary embryos. This study examines the attitudes of couples who have undergone IVF to conceive their children and couples who have conceived naturally. Thematic analysis revealed seven key themes among IVF participants and seven key themes among non-IVF participants. This study highlights the need for IVF couples to receive counselling and/or educative information post-treatment, and asserts that support information for their family and friends would be beneficial.