Ageing, Cognition and Exercise (ACE) Research Group

In 2016, the ACE research group was established to provide an avenue for likeminded researchers to share ideas and collaborate on projects focused on understanding the impact of exercise on cognitive function.

This group’s mission is to;

1) Provide translational recommendations for the use of exercise as a preventative to age related
    cognitive decline

2) Explore the possible mechanisms in which exercise can positively influence the brain health.
    The ACE research groups accepts members in an ongoing basis.

The group exists as a virtual centre acting as a gateway to establish global linkages between individual researchers and groups; thus, opening up opportunities for the collaboration of idea, equipment and resources.

Current Members

Dr. Jeremiah Peiffer
Dr. Belinda Brown
Dr. Stephanie Rainey-Smith
Dr. Hamid Sohrabi

Research Students

Mr. Kieran Marston
Miss. Nicole Gordon